OneFile Quarterly Product Update

OneFile Quarterly Product Update

Webinar Q&A (March 2023)

Target Off-the-job

Q: How does this function take front loaded OJT into account/ or doesn't it?

This is taken into account on the "Learning Aims" page as a Centre Manager. If the thresholds for a particular aim needs to be different to the Centre setting then this can be set from there.

Q: How do we get the expected OTJ on our centre? We don't currently have that function?

This can be enabled in your Centre Settings as a Centre Manager.

  • Record time spent "Off-the-job"
  • Calculate Expected OTJ to Date

Q: Where would we find the option to customise the standard?

The target thresholds can be set at the Standard level in the “Learning Aims” page, once the “Calculate Expected OTJ to Date” setting is enabled. Target thresholds can only be set against Apprenticeship Standards.

Q: I may have missed this but when will the expected OTJ deviation fields be shown for learners who are legacy 20% target?

Yes, to calculate the target OTJ for legacy 20% OTJ learners, you simply need to enter the “Duration” of the learner’s apprenticeship on their “Episode” page.

Active Learning/ Breaks in Learning

Q: I thought Maths and English was not classed as OTJ?

Maths and English is not classed as Off-The-Job. However, the ESFA do define Active Learning as Off-The-Job training and / or English and maths. To support the tracking of OTJ, Eportfolio will display the Date and Time the last Off-The-Job activity was completed.

Q: Can OTJ include math and English?

English and maths is excluded from Off-The-Job training, up to and including level 2.

Q: When are the Active Learning features being launched?

The plan is that this will be available before the end of March. Keep an eye out for the usual notifications, confirming the date of the software update and providing details of the release notes.

To receive automatic updates for our software updates, please follow our “Software Updates” forum: OneFile : Software Updates

Q: Will there be a report function to show last active learning?

Reporting on Active Learning will be available via:

  • Off-the-shelf reports
  • Learner Database reports
  • Dashboard Charts
  • Data Exports

Q: I am not using the timesheets, however I use every week the learning journal, as I am sure that they will be connected, is that correct? Do I just use both or just the Learning Journal?

When you create a learning journal entry, the time you record will automatically be logged in your timesheet area.

Q: Can you run a report on this OTJ Activity?

Yes, there will be dashboards and reports. There will be a specific report for active learning, but the fields will also be available in the learner database reports, and in the data exports.

Q: Will future OTJ claimed outside the learners start/end date still add into the timesheet?

We’re currently looking at what validation we can put into Eportfolio to improve compliance.

Q: BIL is only 1 per learner?

You can record as many breaks in learning as you need against 1 learner.

Q: When will the break in learning functionality be available?

It's coming as part of the upcoming software update, scheduled to go live before the end of March.

Q: Will this report be at Centre Manager level? Or Assessor as well?

The dashboard will be available to centre managers and assessors to be able to report on the learners they have access to.

Q: There is an app. In Hairdressing our students use their phones a lot. Our salon doesn't have computers. I am new to onefile but my students can't see their OTJ on the app to be able to log it. Do I need to change a setting?

Off-The-Job is not currently displayed in the mobile app.

Q: Will you be pulling through the detail from a learning journal entry, through to the timesheet? at the minute it only pulls through the title of a learning journal entry?

Currently only the title of the learning journal entry is displayed in the timesheet. We are currently investigating the requirements around this. Further updates will be posted against this idea.

Q: What about if the assessments are over a period of time i.e. days?

The time spent on the first day should be recorded against the assessment, any subsequent days should be recorded separately in the Timesheet.

Q: Can the email also be sent to manager and learner?

The Off-The-Job remainder email is only sent to the learner.

Q: How do I activate the dashboards and reports for my Centre?

For the Active Learning, these reports and dashboards will be available when the software update is launched, before the end of March. For the "Target Off the Job" data, there are already reports and dashboards available. You can turn on new Dashboard charts via the "Dashboard Charts" icon, available to Centre Managers.

Q: Our students load timesheets on the Journal tab, this pulls through to Timesheet tab, will this make a difference on the functions you are bringing in?

That will work perfectly.

Q: Will the new dashboard icon reports be available to external users, employer and observer accounts, please?

The new Dashboard report will be available in the Assessor, Trainee Assessor, Centre Manager and Centre Monitor dashboards.

Q: The existing Start Time goes from 08:00 until 20:45, is this being changed to allow learners to record start times outside these hours?

You can already log time outside of these hours – just type the required time into the box, instead of using the time-picker.


Q: With enrol, great to see the Super Admin. Will this follow through into the E-Portfolio system please?

Currently this is only in Enrol but we will look at adding this to all our products going forward.

Q: Will you be looking to work on the form permissions?

We are currently looking at this, if you’re a tutor you will be able to send a form but you won’t be able to create or delete a form. This depends on your role and permissions.

Q: Can you assign a tutor and admin to the same learner?

Yes, you can. There are two separate fields so that you can have both.

Q: Are these roles in addition to Centre Manager and Assessor?

Yes, they are in addition.

Q: Currently all forms are associated with the learner, but sometimes, we have forms which need to be signed by the training provider and the employer?

There is a workflow that you can send that goes to the learner, employer and training provider to sign. We are also looking into enhancing the workflow functionality to allow more types of forms to be created

Q: Can Tutors pre-fill certain fields before the forms are sent to a learner?

Yes they can, within the learner record you can go in and put in any information then there is a feature within Enrol called pre-populated fields so any fields that have been captured are then pulled through to the form. If they are pre-populated and the information is wrong, the learner can then correct this and then once it has been approved the learners record will update within Enrol.

Q: Can admins be signed to courses or just learners?

Admins will be assigned to learners, but this is something that we can look at in the future.

Q: Will there ever be the ability to send forms to employers only?

Yes this is currently something we are looking at in line with the the enhancements to the workflow


Q: For standards that have qualifications attached - is it possible to have the qualification as a weighting to reduce hours?

At the moment it reduces the hours as it shows the number of hours calculated in the RPL but we’re not storing that and it’s something we will be looking at going forward.

Q: We find that some of our learners overestimate their abilities when they first complete the RPL assessments, which is why we don’t use the calculator. Is there the facility for the tutor to discuss and amend the results before the RPL is finalised?

Yes, the tutor can make comments on the learners scores and then send back to the learner to amend prior to the results being finalised.

Integration Hub

Q: When is the new integration hub is up and running?

It’s currently in last phases of testing so looking at releasing in the next coming weeks.

Q: We are currently looking at API with BKSB, is it worth us waiting until this is launched?

There’s no reason to wait – you can enable the integration now by entering your bksb API details to out integrations page (on the Centre Manager homepage), and we will automatically migrate this to the integration hub when launched.

Q: Will the integration upgrade what is already integrated, or will it break it and have to be reconfigured?

Yes, as part of the release we will have a migration script which will pull all of your configuration data back across so no data will be lost.

Q: Will this allow integration of Yeti (Cognisoft)?

There is already an existing integration for Yeti - you just need an API token, so if you can submit a support ticket via they can provide you with an API token to enable the Yeti integration

Professional Services

Q: Will the professional services be available in the other products such as ILR and enrol?

Absolutely, with Enrol for an example, if you’ve got a selection of forms that you use in PDF or word document format and you want them building for you into Enrol, we can do this for you.

Q: With learner migration, can this be done from a OneFile centre to another OneFile centre?

This is something that we have a lot of experience with. We have had customers who have multiple OneFile centres who have then made the decision to consolidate into a single centre or less centres and that is something that we can support customers with.

Q: Could you move forms which we have built between different centres that we have?

Yes, we can do this for you but there is a simple way of you doing this. You will need to go into the form, select to Export it and then go into the centre you want it in, go to the ILP icon and then Import. It will create a copy of that form for you in the destination centre.

Q: Can admin upload documents linked to our apprenticeship funding compliance?

Our premier service team can perform any manual task for you on your behalf – just email [email protected] with details of the service required to receive a quote.

OneFile User Conference

Q: Any idea where the user conference will be?

We’re planning for the OneFile User Conference to be in London before the summer holidays but will be in touch with more details shortly.