Q: How do I request the £1,000 incentive for hiring a young apprentice?

This is picked up from the learner’s date of birth field in the ILR and the Funding & Monitoring in the case of those with an EHC. The first payment of £500 is made 90 days after the apprenticeship start date and the final payment of £500 is made 365 days after the start date. The Provider has 30 working days to transfer 50% of each total to the employer.

Q: Can you withdraw a learner?

You can do this in the learner delivery tab, under Completion Status where you can also capture Destination and Progression.

Q: How do you put a learner on a break in learning?

You can do this in the learner delivery tab, under Completion Status where you can also fill in the break reason and break start date.

Q: How do you bring a learner back from a break?

In each learning aim, alter the completion status in the drop down from Break to In Learning. The system will ask you to include the date of the end of the break (the new start date). Input a new Planned End Date for the learning aim.

Q: When are the reports & dashboard coming?

There are pre-filtered reports already available from the dashboard and further reports will come online in due course.

Q: Can you create a Programme Template?

Yes, you can by going into the admin section, clicking into New Template, filling in the fields and adding your learning aims that sit within the Programme aim. Once you allocate the Programme Template to the learner, you can customise the template on an individual basis.

Q: Are we going to integrate with PDSAT?

This is currently being looked into.

Q: Are we introducing other funding models?

Yes, this is currently being looked into.

Q: When learners are marked as completed & withdrawn will they show in the learner management section rather than showing on the main page?

Yes, this is currently under investigation and a new admin section will be created to show learners' status. Learners showing as completed or withdrawn at the end of R12 will be archived at the end of R14. Archived learners will appear in their own report in the Admin section of the ILR.

Q: What is the FIS (Funding Information System), and do you integrate with it?

FIS is a desktop application for the Education and Skills Funding Agency's data collections system. Providers can use it to validate Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data. OneFile ILR is fully integrated with it. You can run individual or cohort reports and it instantly flags any errors before submitting your final ESFA return to ensure it is error free.

Q: Can you track the mandatory fields?

Yes, you can for your ESFA submission. Within OneFile's ILR we have a feature called Check learner data. Once all the mandatory fields have been completed, the record status is changed from Gathering Data to Ready. Which will then allow you to run the learner through the FIS to check for errors or warnings.

track mandatory fields

Q: Will the ILR reporting dashboards display various reports powered by PowerBI?

As you have seen, we are working on a new dashboard, which will be released in mid-August.  PowerBI is on our radar and whilst possible, we currently have no definitive plans yet to integrate with it. The new reports will be exportable, which can then be used in conjunction with PowerBI.

Q: Does the learner information from OneFile Enrol pull across to OneFile ILR and then OneFile Eportfolio?

Yes, it does pull across from Enrol. It pulls across the learner's first name, last name, date of birth, NI number, address provided by learner, telephone number, email address and unique learning number (ULN). We are looking to add more fields to this relating to the sex/ethnicity/LLDD and Health Status this quarter. 

Q: Will the ability to add more than one note and manage bespoke categories for notes be developed as part of the ILR Road Map?

This is already possible.  Against each learning aim there is a provider monitoring section where you can add more than one note. However, this is not categorised.

Q: Can you view historic FIS reports?

Yes, you can in the FIS Reports section. Some older reports may be unavailable to download as this feature was introduced after some of them were originally produced.

Q: Can you run reports in the ILR based on learner demographics?

Part of our roadmap is to introduce a suite of reports and reporting on learner demographics is part of that.

Q: Will OneFile ILR have the current year and the new year ILR available concurrently?

Yes, both the current year and the new year ILR will be available concurrently.

Q: Will the Dashboard include QAR (Qualification Achievement Rate) data?

The first version of the dashboard does not currently show this data. The ESFA said in the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework document released in May of this year that it’s working over the summer to produce a dashboard for the framework. We are waiting to see what comes of this to see if it’s something we can incorporate into our ILR.

Q: Can you import previous ILRs as .xml files into OneFile ILR?

Yes, you can within the admin section there’s an Import Learner Records feature. Once imported, the records will appear in the Learners section within the ILR you will be able to see the Programme and Record status.

Q: How does the cost per learner work for OneFile ILR?

This works the same as OneFile Eportfolio, you purchase a number of seats. Once you create a record on ILR this uses a seat and if a record is archived you can then use this seat for another learner.

Q: What is the purpose of the Inactive Programmes and Archived section under Learner Delivery? And how do Programmes end up in these sections?

When a learner is withdrawn or achieves and starts a new programme, the old programme will move into the Inactive Programmes section. The Archived section is just a placeholder for future developments.

Q: Will there be a feature where you can archive and delete users under User Management rather than just disable users?

This is not currently on the roadmap, but it is something that could be included in the future should it be a customer requirement.

Q: If you import learners on mass, is there an ability to assign them to a template on mass?

The xml file will import the qualifications, so you won’t need to assign them to a template.

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