OneFile Better Together Product Update FAQ

ESFA Changes

Q: Is there anything to track the actual hours if they go over the planned duration for the practical period? 

There isn't at the moment, but this is something we are currently looking at.  

Q: Why are the planned and the minimum OTJ hours different please? 

Minimum OTJ are the hours that calculate based on the funding rules (6 hours per week) some providers will find that this isn't enough so plan for more hours. 

Q: If we change the end date, will the OTJ recalculate, e.g., if a learner goes over the expected end date of pp? 

The calculation uses the duration that you enter to the episode. Going forward we can look at automating that recalculation. 

Q: If a learner works less than 30 hours per week, does the system automatically calculate what the annual leave would be, or do we have to work that out manually and update the system ourselves? 

If the learner is working less than 30 hours per week then their statutory leave entailment will still be 5.6 weeks per year. In this case their duration will be extended. The system will then pro-rata the 5.6 weeks over the full duration, to calculate the total leave in weeks. This is then subtracted from the duration (in weeks) to get the total training duration (in weeks). 

The minimum OTJ is then calculated by proportioning the 6 hrs OTJ per week based on the hours per week the learner works. 

e.g... Training Duration * (hours per wk. / 30) * 6 Hrs. 

Q: Would it be possible for the 20% OTJ area to also record how many hours a learner is expected to have logged year to date? This would be especially useful due to so many ITP's coming under fire from Ofsted, for apprentices not being where they need to be with 20% OTJ hours. 

The functionality to compare a learner’s Actual OTJ to where that should be ‘to-date’ is something we are currently investigating. 

OneFile Enrol 

Q: Does the one click feature also set up the employer as well as the seat for the apprentice? 

No, Employer records will need to be created manually  

Q: Do you have the generic templates set up, does OneFile add mandatory .gov documents, e.g.: Apprenticeship Agreement template? 

No – Templates are on the roadmap, but at the minute providers can create their own templates. 

Q: Can you see forms when they are with the learner or employer or download? 

Not currently, you can view the form and details when all parties have completed the form. Development of this is on the roadmap however. 

Q: With the forms now, do they have different admin types, for example if an apprenticeship co-ordinator built the form can it be made so that an admin who may fill it in can't edit the template? 

Currently not no – permissions are in our current priorities so are on the roadmap. 

Q: I have 7 different centres in one key chain.  Would I need to set this up in each individual centre or could I get a complete college overview through one report of our enrol tracking? 

You can request reports sent to you directly from your Enrol centre. Additionally, from that one Enrol centre you can push learners into the Eportfolio centre of your choice. 

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