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What’s the best VLE for vocational training?

All the best VLEs should make configuration and assessment simple.

What's the best VLE for vocational training?

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Many of today's learners are millennials, so they're renowned for being technologically gifted.

90% of millennials believe that technology creates more opportunities for them – so for many training organisations, sorting learners out with an engaging learning software is the obvious thing to do. It makes them feel comfortable, confident and involved in their learning.

But what comes naturally to learners may not be so straightforward for their training staff. Many assessors, quality assurers and centre managers aren't digital natives, so all the best learning management systems should make configuration and assessment simple – and VLEs are no exception.

VLEs are already widely used across the vocational training sector, but you may not necessarily be using the best one for your business. So what features make a VLE stand out for vocational training, for both learners and training staff?

Ease of use

The best VLEs use an intuitive format for assessors and learners alike. From drag-and-drop course builders to cloneable courses, vocational training VLEs should make learning fast and efficient. Plus, simplicity sells – it'll be a lot easier to roll out the VLE across the organisation and get buy-in from your whole team.

Customisable resources

Whether your assessment team creates its own resources or uses SCORM packages, the best VLEs support both. You should be able to create custom content that's relevant to your learners, and make use of existing open source resources – for bonus points, the best VLEs allow for interactive content, which maximises learner engagement.

Communication channels

Because learners are taught primarily on-the-job, they don't get a huge amount of time to socialise or chat with their peers on the course. That's why the best VLEs have communication channels – from forums to messaging services – that enable learners to connect with each other, as well as their tutors.


Now you've whittled down your list to only the very best VLEs on the market, you'll want to find the best of the best. So how about this:

What if your VLE could map course results onto assessment criteria automatically? That's right – no duplication of registrations or assessment. With OneFile's eportfolio-VLE integration, you can do just that. Find out what else makes ours the best VLE for vocational training in our factsheet.

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