A pot of money

What is the Adult Education Budget and how can I use it?

A great resource for employers to upskill their workforce and support staff with career progression.

What is the Adult Education Budget?

A pot of money

The Adult Education Budget (AEB) can help kick-start careers.  

It’s a government-funded programme that can be accessed by employers and individuals to fund a huge range of training. It’s a great resource for employers to upskill their workforce and support staff with their career progression. The problem is, not many people know about it.  

Last year, the AEB was underspent by £63 million – which is a huge shame. But the good news is that the AEB has been restocked and there’s another £1.5 billion in the pot to spend on professional training.  

Lifelong learning is important for everyone, so we want to help employers and individuals get their head around the AEB, so they can make the most of it.  

What can the AEB be spent on? 

The AEB can be used to fund training for all adults over the age of 19 for a wide range of qualifications. The process is reasonably straight-forward, but there are a few rules to follow:  

  • The funds can be used for anyone aged 19-23 to get a level 2 or 3 qualification if they don’t already have one.  
  • AEB can be used to fund low-waged learners aged over 24 to get their first level 2 or 3 qualification.
  • The AEB can be used to fund anyone who is unemployed for any course or qualification up to level 2.  
  • The AEB can be used to fund any low-waged individual, whose first language isn’t English, to improve their language skills up to level 2.  

You can check the eligibility of your learner here. 

English and maths  

The AEB can be used to fully fund level 2 English and maths for anyone over the age of 19. English and maths are crucial skills for individuals. Without a recognised level 2 qualification, people can struggle to learn new skills, continue their education or get accepted on an apprenticeship. It’s a vital part of everyone’s career development.  

The fact that the AEB covers level 2 English and maths is also great news for employers and training providers. Employers can use the AEB to help their workforce learn the basics and ensure their staff have the platform they need to kickstart their career progression.  

As Functional Skills in English and maths are no longer included in apprenticeship funding, the AEB is a fantastic way for employers and training providers to relieve the costs and invest in more apprentices.  

How do employers access the funds?  

Once you’ve checked the eligibility of your learner, the best way to access funds is to head online. You can create an account with The Hub – a government-run website – an access funds directly from there.  


Find out more about the Adult Education Budget here

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