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What is an integrated learning system?

What is an integrated learning system and what are the benefits?

What is an integrated learning system?

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Integrated learning systems are hardware/software solutions that work together to deliver learning content.  

Not the most exciting description, but integrated learning systems – or ILSs – are actually pretty cool pieces of tech. ILSs use a wide range of media and methods to enhance learning. It means students no longer need to sit at a desk and write notes, they can take interactive quizzes, watch videos, create multi-media portfolios, or even enter a whole new virtual world – so they can learn in a way that suits them.  

But the benefits don't stop there! 

Learning systems have become an integral part of organisations around the country – and for good reason. Students that use an ILS are more engaged in their training, and achieve more in less time – which is great news for training providers and employers alike.  

They also allow managers and mentors to monitor their learners' progress and provide feedback to help them understand the subject matter at hand. Learning systems like eportfolios and virtual learning environments (VLE) also have progress dashboards and reporting features to help users monitor progression.  

It means learners can watch their progression grow in real time as they complete their assignments – helping to increase engagement and retention. Managers can also monitor progression at the touch of a button and offer support to any learners that need it.  

Many integrated learning systems have built-in reporting suites, so managers can generate a whole host of reports whenever they need to. If they have multiple ILSs that work together – such as an eportfolio, MIS system or VLE – data can be synced from one software to another and combined to create robust reports. This takes efficiency to a whole new level – in fact, 85% of users think using an integrated learning system significantly increases productivity, efficiency and transparency across their organisation.  

At OneFile, we understand the power of integrations – that's why we've created an all-in-one learning software. OneFile is an eportfolio, VLE, CPD tracker and reporting suite – so users can access all the training tools they need at the touch of a button.  

In fact, OneFile is the only eportfolio in the world with a fully integrated VLE that maps assessment criteria automatically. OneFile also has an integrated CPD tracker so users can record their development activities online and sync them to their eportfolio. 

To find out more about how our software integrations work, download our integrations guide 

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