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What do learners think about VLEs?

Most learners love VLEs – but not all VLEs are created equal.

What do learners think about VLEs?

Most learners love VLEs – but not all VLEs are created equal.

A virtual learning environment (VLE) is like a virtual classroom – a place where tutors and learners can share content, complete work and track progress. In the past, VLEs have been clunky, dated or difficult to use – but things have come a long way since then. Today, they're fun, engaging, customisable and easy to use, so learners love them.

At OneFile, user experience is a top priority, so we asked our learners what their 5 favourite things about a VLE are.

Access all areas

With a VLE, learners can log in on their smartphones wherever they are – at work, in the classroom or on the bus – so they can learn on the go. It means that instead of waiting for lessons or trekking to the library to study, learners can make the most of every moment. It's convenient, efficient and engaging – it's how learners want to learn.

Learn their own way

Everyone wants to do things their own way – and this goes for learning too. With a VLE, learners can study at a pace that suits them – going over course content as much or as little as they need. They can test their knowledge using quizzes too so the whole learning journey is self-driven.

Easy to use

Young people are usually pretty good at picking up new technology, but they still love it when their VLE is easy to navigate. Learners use their VLE all the time, so having an easy-to-use system is really important.

Compelling content

There's more to life than PDFs! With a VLE, learners can access a range of multimedia learning content – like videos, quizzes, documents and presentations. Different people learn in different ways, so having a range of interactive content will help students learn in a way that suits them.

Big achievements

Using a VLE is like having your own personal cheerleader – which learners love. They can track their progress online, so every time they complete a task they get closer to completion. This gamifies learning and motivates learners to do more.

Like we said – not all VLEs are born equal. There's one VLE that’s head-and-shoulders above the rest: OneFile's VLE. Our VLE is the only one in the world that fully integrates with an eportfolio, so criteria is mapped automatically across the system.

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