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The value of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships bring value in all kinds of different ways, to different types of people, at all different ages.

The value of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships bring value in all kinds of different ways, to different types of people, at all different ages. Hear first-hand what impact an apprenticeship can have...

The start of my journey

I remember when I finished my A-Level qualifications in 2014. I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go career-wise. Enjoying so many different subjects at college, I didn't know if I should commit to a specific course at a university or start my career early to gain much-needed work experience.

I left my first part-time job to focus on my studies, and with them finished, I needed to focus and get back out into the world of work.

After looking for a job, I got an interview at OneFile in December and started working on a temporary basis, inputting qualifications into the database. I started to take on more work and was offered a permanent position at the company and the chance to do an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship felt right because I could gain knowledge whilst gaining relevant work experience, as well as build my confidence in a professional environment.

Where I am now

Coming up to a year now at OneFile, I have progressed to a Sales Administrator role, working closely with great people in the Sales and Marketing teams, as well as two of the company directors, on a daily basis, whilst working towards a Diploma in Business Administration.

Work-based learning is allowing me to formally consolidate the knowledge and experience that I am getting in my role. With the use of OneFile Eportfolio, all my progress can be tracked, evidenced and stored online, making submitting work simple and secure.

It has also opened my eyes to the responsibilities that I have taken on: creating videos using Adobe After Effects, creating business documents, analysing customer and business data, processing financial transactions, as well as ensuring high standards of customer service.

Where I can be in the future

After starting my apprenticeship, I haven't looked back.

When I finish, not only will I have both the know-how and experience to move forward on my chosen career path, but I will have much more than that. I can already see that I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities and look forward to developing them further. Believing in yourself allows you to overcome more than you can imagine!

My apprenticeship is having a huge impact on both my personal and working life and I am loving it. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to earn money, experience the workplace and wants to achieve, progress and excel.


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