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Using technology to deliver access to HE courses

Access to HE courses are a lifeline for people wanting to progress their career. 

Using technology to deliver access to HE courses 

Access to HE courses are a lifeline for people wanting to progress their career.  

They're a great option for people looking to do a degree – especially if they’ve been out of the world of learning for a while. Many access courses involve blended learning so people can learn online at home and spend less time in the classroom. Some are delivered completely online – from induction to exams – giving learners the ultimate flexibility.  

None of this would be possible without technology – so how exactly is tech used to deliver access to HE courses?  

Learning resources 

HE access centres can upload content to their online learning environment so learners can access course materials anytime, anywhere, on any device. They can upload existing SCORM packages, videos, reading lists or quizzes, so learners have a variety of media to use and learn from.  

Submit assignments 

With a learning software, students can log in to access resources, submit assignments and create a portfolio of work for their course. Depending on the criteria, they can upload photos, videos or audio recordings as evidence or upload written assignments. Tutors can then log on to assess their work.  


Students may be working at home for part of or the whole of their course, so using software with built in messaging features is really beneficial. Tutors can access their student’s portfolio to assess work, send feedback, set assignments and keep in touch. It’s quick, convenient and transparent.  

Offline learning  

Even if your students have limited internet access, they can use an offline app to complete assignments and then sync their work to their portfolio when they’re back online. There’s no paperwork to lose or wi-fi problems to contend with, so there are no excuses! 

Mock tests and exams  

HE access centres can create mock tests to help their students prepare, mark their work and support them online until their final exam. The end test can be uploaded in a range of formats – from multiple-choice questions to written workbooks – so students can log on to complete and submit their test wherever they are. Centres can set time limits and share exam resources – it's completely flexible.  

Tracking and management  

With a learning software, everything is recorded, monitored and tracked in one place. You can access assignments, mark securely, track learner progress and generate reports at the touch of a button.  


At OneFile, our learning software is already used by centres to deliver HE access courses. Centres can create their own content – or upload existing data – plan activities, set assignments, mark work and collaborate online. And students can work in a way that suits them wherever they are.  

OneFile is completely flexible so it can be used for all different types of courses – from midwifery to art and design.  

To find out more about OneFile and how it can be used to deliver HE access courses, download our free guide. 

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