Using OneFile to deliver healthcare apprenticeships

Find out why over 30 NHS trusts already use OneFile to deliver healthcare apprenticeships.

Using OneFile to deliver healthcare apprenticeships

OneFile is used by over 30 NHS trusts across the country to deliver a huge range of healthcare apprenticeships at all levels – from level 2 adult care worker to degree-level nursing apprenticeships. OneFile is so popular with the NHS because it’s secure, reliable and cloud-based, plus it has all the integrated features you need to deliver apprenticeships.

How does OneFile work?

OneFile apprenticeship software is made up of an eportfolio, evaluation scorecard, course builder, learning journal, off-the-job training tracker and reporting suite. This means the entire learning journal can be managed, recorded and tracked in one place.

Apprentices can upload evidence and build an online portfolio to prove their skills. Tutors and employers can then access the apprentice’s portfolio to complete assessments, send feedback, monitor progress and generate reports. Plus, the entire audit trail is recorded in OneFile – ideal for internal and external quality assurance.

Collecting evidence

Healthcare apprentices are busy throughout their working day, so making it easy for them to complete their apprenticeship work is really important. With OneFile, apprentices can take photos, videos and audio recordings on the ward and upload them to their portfolio as evidence. This reduces the amount of writing and paperwork apprentices have to complete – saving time, increasing engagement and improving achievement rates.

Off-the-job training tracker

OneFile has a built-in off-the-job training tracker. Healthcare apprentices can complete learning entries wherever they are and select whether they were completed on or off the job. OneFile will then calculate the apprentice’s off-the-job entries against their contracted hours and display their progress as a percentage against the 20% minimum requirement. It’s off-the-job tracking made easy.

Real-time reporting

NHS trusts often train many apprentices at once, so keeping track of progress can be difficult. With OneFile, you can click into each apprentice’s portfolio to see their progress at a glance. OneFile also has over 75 built-in reports – from tracking progress to activity logs. They’re great for tracking cohort progress, Ofsted inspections and quality audits.

These are just 3 of the ways OneFile improves the delivery of healthcare apprenticeships – but OneFile does so much more. With OneFile, you can also create learning resources, set activities, schedule progress reviews, test knowledge and prepare apprentices for gateway.

It really does have everything you need to deliver outstanding healthcare apprenticeships. That’s why OneFile is already used by over 30 NHS trusts – including GMMH NHS Trust, North Bristol NHS Trust and Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

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