Using OneFile for paramedic degree apprenticeships

Giving paramedic apprentices, ambulance services and providers complete flexibility.

Using OneFile for paramedic degree apprenticeships

The paramedic degree apprenticeship is a fantastic alternative route for anyone wanting to become a paramedic. Instead of having to complete a 3-year undergraduate course at university, degree apprentices complete their ambulance training on the job. They gain real experience of life as a paramedic, while learning all the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) they need to provide exceptional front-line care.

Paramedic degree apprenticeship standard

The paramedic degree apprenticeship was approved for delivery in 2018. The course lasts 36 months and has a maximum funding band of £27,000. The degree apprenticeship is integrated, so paramedic apprentices complete an end-point assessment (EPA) to pass the course. The EPA comprises of a situational judgement test, simulated observation assessment and a professional discussion.

Delivering paramedic apprenticeships

Apprentices have a lot of KSBs to cover during their apprenticeship – from K32: clinical leadership theories to S5: carrying out immediate and emergency care in unpredictable environments. Each KSB is critical to the apprentice’s development into a fully qualified paramedic. But due to the nature of the work, making sure each KSB is covered either on or off the job can be difficult.

Ambulance services need to make sure their apprentices carefully record and track their progression through the course until gateway. The easiest way to make sure all the KSBs are covered and the apprentice is fully prepared for EPA is using an apprenticeship eportfolio. With an eportfolio, apprentices can build a portfolio of evidence, complete learning reflections, log their off-the-job hours, track their progress, and complete mock tests in preparation for EPA.

Apprentices can complete their work anytime, anywhere – which is critical for trainee paramedics.

Using OneFile for paramedic degree apprenticeships

OneFile is the UK’s leading apprenticeship eportfolio, used by over 30 NHS Trusts – including many ambulance services.

With OneFile, apprentices can use any device or even their smartphone to record and track their progression. They can log in to access learning courses, complete assignments, upload evidence, track their progress, message their tutor and see feedback and support.

Ambulance services can also log into OneFile using an employer account to see how their apprentices are getting on. This gives services full visibility of their apprentices’ progress. It also means employers can easily contact tutors and apprentices wherever they are.

With OneFile, tutors, employers and apprentices have complete flexibility to teach and train in a manner, place and time that suits them – meaning they have more time to provide exceptional frontline care to the people that need it most.

OneFile is already used by ambulance services across the country – including North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust. To find out how you can use OneFile to deliver paramedic degree apprenticeships, download your complete guide to paramedic apprenticeship delivery. It covers:

  • The paramedic apprenticeship standard in more detail
  • Exactly how OneFile works
  • How OneFile can support your degree apprenticeship delivery
  • What other ambulance services and NHS trusts think about OneFile

Download your complete guide to delivering paramedic degree apprenticeships here:

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