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Using OneFile for on- and off-the-job training

With OneFile, managing both on- and off-the-job training is second nature.

Using OneFile for on- and off-the-job training

OneFile makes apprenticeship delivery easy.  

How? Because our learning software has been carefully designed to help employers and training providers deliver apprenticeships. With OneFile, managing both on- and off-the-job training is second nature.  

Training on the job  

Apprenticeships are built around workplace training – so OneFile is too. With OneFile, you can manage every aspect of on-the-job training wherever you are. Learners can upload evidence, record learning reflections, access resources, send messages and submit assignments online. Tutors and managers can then log in to OneFile to view their learner’s portfolio, monitor progress, evaluate learning, send feedback and generate reports.  

The entire learning journey is managed online. This means users can log in and work wherever they are – anytime, anywhere, on any device. It also means the entire audit trial is automatically recorded, ready to show auditors on inspection day.  

Workplace training is the more straightforward part of apprenticeships – off-the-job training is the bit that's tricky...  

Off-the-job training 

The 20% off-the-job training rule is one of the most controversial and difficult to manage aspects of the new standards, but OneFile makes it simple.  

Off-the-job evidence is recorded in the same way as any other evidence. Learners input the learning activity as normal and just select whether it was completed on or off the job. The evidence forms part of the learner's portfolio, and they can still attach files, link training activities and map evidence to criteria.  

With OneFile, it’s also easy to track progress against the 20% requirement. When a learner completes an entry, the amount of time spent off the job is automatically calculated into a percentage against the learner’s contracted hours and displayed on the dashboard – so tutors, managers and learners can track progress easily.  

With OneFile, every aspect of the 20% requirement is covered – from induction to assessment. You can attach a copy of each learner’s commitment statement to their portfolio and access all their off-the-job records at the touch of a button. With OneFile, off-the-job training is easy to record, easy to manage and easy to evidence – ideal for audits and inspections.  

OneFile is ideal for apprenticeship delivery of all kinds – that's why it’s the UK’s leading apprenticeship software. Hundreds of colleges and training providers already use OneFile to deliver apprenticeships. OneFile makes their lives easier – but more than convenience, our software has saved them money, improved quality, increased learner engagement, boosted achievement rates and revolutionised their training delivery.  

“OneFile is a flexible system that is easy to personalise to your centre’s requirements, and for the learners to personalise so it really feels like their portfolio. OneFile is also really effective in promoting standardisation, generating reports for monitoring performance and making EQA visits easy. OneFile has also improved timely completion so assessors’ time can be used more effectively – our completion rates are now 20% higher than the national average." Yvonne Greenwood, apprenticeship & quality assurance lead – North Bristol NHS Trust  

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