Using eportfolios across the NHS

They’re not just for nurses. Eportfolios can be used to train and revalidate all roles in the NHS – from receptionists to consultants.

Eportfolios in the NHS 

doctors and hospital workers

Did you know eportfolios can be used across the NHS?  

They're not just for nurses. Eportfolios can be used to train and revalidate all roles in the NHS – from receptionists to consultants – and keep a record of competencies throughout their career. 

At OneFile, our eportfolio is a national favourite, and is already used by 24 NHS trusts across the country. Why? Because it's efficient, easy to use and flexible, so it can be customised to suit all NHS staff.  

How does it work and who is it for?  

With OneFile, trainee staff can create an online portfolio of evidence to showcase their skills. They can take photos, videos or audio recordings of their competencies, anytime, anywhere, on any device. It means instead of having to write up lengthy notes during their shift, users can capture evidence quickly on the ward – giving them more time to spend with patients.  

Their portfolio can also be accessed online by mentors and managers to monitor progress, assess assignments, send feedback and generate the reports they need.  

OneFile can be used to manage and record the Care Certificate, apprenticeships, revalidation and professional development – basically all types of vocational training.  

In fact, OneFile is ideal for training all roles in the NHS at all bands, such as: 

  • Healthcare assistants   
  • Ward clerks   
  • Receptionists  
  • Medical secretaries   
  • Biomedical scientists   
  • Theatre practitioners   
  • Clinical pharmacists  

It's also perfect for managing and recording revalidation at all levels, including:  

  • Dental nurses  
  • Staff nurses 
  • Junior sisters 
  • Clinical psychologists 
  • Doctors 
  • Surgeons 

OneFile also has a built-in CPD tracker, so staff can record their CPD activities and build a profile of their development throughout their career.

What are the benefits? 


OneFile significantly reduces paper, printing, storage and travel costs – delivering ROI of up to 500%! 


Staff using OneFile are more engaged in their training and get more done in less time – increasing timely completion rates by 35%. 


With OneFile, healthcare staff spend less time doing paperwork and more time on the ward caring for patients.  

What do other NHS trusts think?  

'OneFile has saved my staff a lot of time as they can now access portfolios anywhere, which is a godsend!' - Theresa Farmiloe | Portsmouth NHS Trust   

Or to see exactly how OneFile works for different job roles, download our free guide 

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