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Using an eportfolio for nurse training

Many students are switching to eportfolios to help them save time on their studies.

Using an eportfolio for nurse training

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Studying to be a nurse is no easy feat. Trainees have a huge range of pressures to cope with - from study sessions to life on the ward, let alone having any kind of social life. It's no wonder so many students are switching to online eportfolios to help them save time on their studies - but how do you know which software is right for you?

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We understand you're rushed off your feet, so we've summarised the major benefits for you:

Reduced costs

It's no secret - the NHS is always under financial pressure and it's important trusts make as many savings as they can. By switching from a paper based training portfolio to a digital version, delivering a high return on investment is easy. You'll make immediate savings in paper, printing, travel and time spent on admin; that's precious time your nurses can now spend with patients.  In fact, our software is proven to save departments over £300 per learner, per year - imagine the difference that could make to your trust.

Top security

We've all heard the horror stories about lost patient data and damaged portfolios, but now they're a thing of the past. With our vocational training eportfolio, all records, photographs and recordings are securely encrypted, stored on our UK-based servers and fully backed-up every 15 minutes.

Offline app

No internet? No problem! With our offline app, you can gather a range of different evidence types using any device, wherever you are. Then you can upload and sync your work in just a few clicks as soon as you connect to the internet. You can take videos of physical examinations or record evidence of patient interactions... on the ward, in the operating theatre, or during an at-home visit - with the offline app you can be totally flexible.

It's this easy! 

Keep track of learning

An eportfolio is a great way to keep your nurses motivated throughout their studies. With OneFile, they can access their account on the go and monitor their progress in real-time. This makes organisation much easier for your staff and it will boost performance too. It's a fact - students who are more involved in their learning journey achieve better results, faster.

Back to basics

Nurses become nurses because they love caring for other people - not because they love doing paperwork. So ditch the admin and choose an eportfolio. Your nurses will spend less time completing long write-ups and filling in forms, and have more time to spend with their patients. This not only saves time, it boosts morale, promotes on the job experience and makes your trainees feel like part of the team.

There are hundreds of documents out there, so we've summarised all the basics into one easy-to-read guide. Here's everything you need to know about using an eportfolio for nurse training.

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