Using an eportfolio for sports training

Eportfolios can improve the quality of sports training.

Using an eportfolio for sports training


Sports and fitness is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK.

The sector includes everything from high-street gyms to national sports teams, and each area is growing massively. Think about it – more gyms are popping up, more people are joining sports clubs, and we're entering more national teams into competitions.

This means more people are working in the industry as sports coaches, club managers or fitness instructors – and all these people need to be trained. Whether they complete an apprenticeship, development programme, BTEC or degree, all sports learners need to demonstrate a range of skills, knowledge and behaviours to qualify in their profession.

Learners will be responsible for the health and wellbeing of their team or clients, so they'll learn a lot about nutrition, physiology and technique. But on top of textbook learning, trainees have to demonstrate physical ability too – whether that's football skills or coaching methods. Evidencing these types of skills can be a challenge with a pen and paper – but not when you're armed with an eportfolio app. Instead of writing notes to describe their techniques, learners can record themselves in action on their smartphone. They can then upload the footage to their eportfolio account and assign it to a learning aim – it's that simple.

But it's not all about the learners.

Teachers and coaches can get involved too. They'll have their own eportfolio account to see how their team's getting on, set activities for them, send feedback and generate reports. Users can also follow the full audit trail online. This means internal and external assessors don't have to visit each club and trawl through paperwork to find the evidence they need for quality assurance – it's all available at the touch of a button.

What do other people think?

At OneFile, we've worked with sports professionals for over a decade. Organisations like Scottish Swimming and England Netball use our learning software to manage every aspect of their training process – from induction to evidence to assessment.

'In terms of saving money, we've noticed a big difference. With OneFile, we can make instant changes to any assessments or resources with no financial implications – this means we're always delivering high-quality courses.'

Nicola Curwood, executive officer – Scottish Swimming

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