Using an eportfolio for police training

Here are our top 5 reasons to use an eportfolio for police training.

Using an eportfolio for police training

Being a police officer is not for the faint-hearted. Interacting with society’s most dangerous people - while battling against mounting paperwork and stretched budgets.

Officers must continually adapt their training and behaviour to stay on top of ever-changing threats like scams and online fraud.  

Meanwhile, as part of their apprenticeships training, police need to build portfolios of evidence proving their skills, ready for any assessment.  

With so many competing demands on police time, it makes sense to streamline administrative processes for P.Cs – and that’s where eportfolios can help. With an online system, candidates can enter notes and record and upload evidence like photos, videos and audio recordings in real-time on any device. It's quick, easy and secure.  

Those are just some of the reasons why 16 UK police forces use OneFIle – here are the top five: 

1. Anytime access

There’s considerable public pressure to see P.Cs ‘on the beat’. When using eportfolios, officers can manage their learning ‘on the go’ – reducing the need to spend time in the office dealing with admin.    

2. Security

Paper-based portfolios can be lost, damaged or stolen – causing a potential security issue, not to mention a lot of hassle. With eportfolios, all data is fully encrypted, and learners can redact, or signpost towards, any confidential data.  

3. Quality control

Police training is carefully quality controlled at all levels, so it’s vital you have an effective way to monitor activity from start to finish. With eportfolios, all data and documentation sits in one place. This gives you a full audit trail of activity, visible to candidates, mentors, IQAs and EQAs. This makes it much easier to track, manage and maintain quality assurance. 

4. Huge savings

If your police candidates are still using paper portfolios, you’re probably wasting thousands of pounds every year on printing, paper, travel, and storage costs. With eportfolios, you won't need to print off reading lists and assignments or store huge folders – everything is available online.  

5. Flexibility

Eportfolios can be used to manage a complete range of training programmes – from the policing national curriculum to special counter terrorism. The technology can also accommodate several different ‘universal’ services including a built-in reporting suite, offline app, VLE, CPD tracker, quality features, and robust security.  

That means you can use the same system across your force, covering all training as candidates develop.  

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