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Top tech for apprenticeship delivery

The education sector has been reluctant to adopt new technology – but not anymore!

Top tech for apprenticeship delivery

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The education sector has been notoriously reluctant to adopt new technology - but not anymore!

As edtech is getting bigger and better, organisations across the country are starting to use technology to deliver training. From assessment eportfolios to video chat apps, there are tons of technologies out there to help you connect with learners, improve efficiency and increase the quality of training.


Here are our top 10 technologies for training providers:

1. HR software

With a smart HR software, you can manage all your learners and employees using one system. It makes it easy to stay on top of absences, annual leave, timesheets, performance rates and recruitment offers, improving the efficiency of your HR team. You may even be able to integrate your HR software with other systems to avoid duplicate data. 

2. Assessment eportfolio

Assessment eportfolios completely revolutionise the entire training and assessment process. Instead of writing up notes in paper-based portfolios, learners can collect photos, videos and audio recordings of their skills and sync the data to their eportfolio. Assessors can track learner progress, generate real-time reports, send online feedback, and assess remotely. There's no more paperwork, printing, travel or hassle – just an easy assessment process from start to finish.

3. CPD tracker

A CPD tracker is ideal for monitoring and recording continuing professional development throughout your career. Users of all ages can set SMART targets, record their CPD activities, and take an active role in their professional development – helping them achieve more in less time.


With a digital form software you can create, sign and send documents electronically. It's ideal for all types of forms – from surveys to enrolment forms – completely eliminating printing, postage and paperwork. Users can even sign online using auditable signatures with robust security. 

5. Virtual learning environment (VLE)

A VLE is a must-have for any modern training provider. You can create an interactive learning hub of videos, resources and quizzes your learners can access anytime, anywhere. With an advanced VLE you can even map content against qualification criteria and sync the data to your eportfolio centre



6. Online registrations

Speed up your registration process with an online system. Users can log in on any device to sign up for training sessions, exams, one-to-one appraisals, or even ticketed events. With some advanced systems you can also generate reports, receive payments and send digital tickets. 

7. Video chat apps

Video chat apps are the most effective way to engage with your learners. You can conduct assessments, deliver presentations and just catch-up with your learners – all from the comfort of your own home! Most apps have the same standard features like free video calls, groups calls and instant messaging, but it's always good to look for one with added extras.  

8. Electronic submissions

Learners won't miss a deadline again with an electronic submission system. Learners can submit assessments online so you can track, manage and review them in one place. If you already use an assessment eportfolio, you should already have this feature built-in. 

9. Virtual reality learning

The technology isn’t quite there yet, but virtual reality learning promises to be the next big thing in edtech. Learners can enter an immersive virtual world and experience history, culture, language and discovery as if they were actually there. 

10. Planning programmes

Planning programmes are great for staff. You can create to-do lists, organise and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you're working on and track your team's progress. Again, if you already use an eportfolio or VLE, you should be able to do all of this on one system. 


Technology and training go hand-in-hand – but you have to make sure you choose the right systems for your centre. Using outdated software without integrations could actually slow you down.

At OneFile, our learning and development software has more features than any other on the market. OneFile is an eportfolio, a VLE, CPD tracker, eforms software and planning programme, and it has all the major features of the other systems in the list. It's a complete all-rounder.

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