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The best way to record 20% off-the-job training

At OneFile, we’ve created an off-the-job training tracker that’s easy to use on the go.

The best way to record off-the-job training

All apprentices completing an apprenticeship standard must spend at least 20% of their contracted hours training off the job.

Off-the-job training can include any learning that takes place outside of the apprentice’s normal working environment – like lectures, online learning and industry visits. This means apprentices may be completing a range of off-the-job tasks in different locations – making the 20% tricky to track.

Using OneFile to record off-the-job training

At OneFile, we’ve created an off-the-job training tracker that’s easy to use on the go. Apprentices can use any device to record how long they spend training and where the training took place. Tutors and employers can see what activities have been completed, map evidence to criteria and track off-the-job hours against the 20% minimum requirement.

Record time spent learning

The off-the-job requirement is time-based, so apprentices need to record exactly how much time they’re spending off the job. With OneFile, apprentices can submit entries using any device, so they can easily record how long they’ve spent learning wherever they are.

Submit learning activities

With OneFile, apprentices can simply select whether the training was completed on or off the job. OneFile will then calculate the apprentice’s off-the-job entries against their contracted hours and display their progress as a percentage against the 20% minimum requirement. It’s off-the-job tracking made easy.

"Our apprentices can reflect on their learning in their OneFile journals, and record their off-the-job training, so it’s really easy to track."

Terry Smith, head of internal quality assurance | Aspire Education Academy

With OneFile’s apprenticeship software, it’s easy to record, track and evidence off-the-job training. Learners can submit learning entries, attach evidence and select whether training took place on or off the job. Tutors and employers can access evidence easily to map criteria, track progress and offer feedback. And all this information is available at the touch of a button – which is ideal for audits and inspections.

To find out more about OneFile and how it can be used to track off-the-job training, download this free guide. It covers everything you need to know about recording, tracking and evidencing off the job in a compliant way.

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