The benefits of integrating learning systems

Cast your mind back to when training was delivered on paper.

The benefits of integrating learning systems


Integrated learning systems play a fundamental role in most organisations, but they're often taken for granted.

To really understand how important integrations are, cast your mind back to when training was delivered on paper. All assessments, HR forms and management reports were completed on different pieces of paper, filed in different folders and stored in different offices across the country.

Technology changed all of this.

With an eportfolio, all training can be planned, completed, tracked and assessed electronically. And by integrating learning systems, efficiency reaches a whole new level as data can be synced from one software to another and combined to generate robust reports. In fact, 85% of users think using integrated learning systems significantly increases productivity, efficiency and transparency across their organisation.

The top five benefits of integrating two learning systems:

One-time data entry

The first and most obvious reason to integrate two learning systems is that it saves time entering data into both systems. When a connection has been made, information is duplicated automatically and pulled through for reports. This means you'll always have the information you need, when you need it.

Eliminate mistakes

Human error is a fact of life, so when you're copying data from one system to another it's easy to miss a number or letter. Even the smallest mistake could have a big impact on learner reports – and therefore the outcome of management assessments, productivity reports and even learner grades.

Real-time results

Transferring data is bound to take time – but by integrating your learning systems, everything is synced automatically. Personal details, learner evidence, assessor feedback and planned tasks can be pulled through from your eportfolio to your MIS solution, allowing you to generate detailed reports in real-time.

Spot a pattern

By integrating your learning portfolio with a CPD tracker, HR hub or MIS solution you can monitor the progression of your staff and learners using one software. By correlating all data, managers can spot patterns easily and make proactive changes to optimise training requirements and productivity across the board.

Cost savings

Let's get down to the nitty gritty – money. By integrating two learning systems, you reduce expenditure on administration time, printing costs and software upkeep, allowing you to invest more of your budget in the things that matter – like delivering high-quality training.


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