Talking about mental health with students

More people are talking about mental health, which is great news for everyone.

Talking about mental health with students

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More people are talking about mental health, which is great news for everyone.  

Whether you've suffered yourself, or know someone who does, we all know poor mental health can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. The most important thing to remember is that you're not alone. Mental illness affects everyone, and there's loads of fantastic support out there to help people of all ages.   

Some schools, colleges and businesses have been behind the times when it comes to talking about mental health – but this is starting to change. More people understand mental health, and organisations are becoming more flexible when staff need a little extra support.   

It all starts with a conversation.   

Whether you're venting to your friends or speaking to a professional, talking is good. It helps people rationalise their thoughts, understand how they're feeling, and accept that they may need help. The more we talk about mental health, the more people feel like they're not alone and can start taking proactive steps to change their lives.   

When it comes to students and learners, the same rules apply. Taking a genuine interest in how young people feel will lift their spirits and give them the opportunity to ask for help.   

If you think someone's not coping, you can offer support if you feel comfortable, or there's a range of support services available online and in your local area. The easiest way to find support is with YouinMind. 

At YouinMind, they believe finding mental health support should be easy – no matter how old you are, what you need, or where you live. They work at a local level in partnership with the NHS, local authorities and charities to make mental health services as accessible as possible across parts of the UK.   

YouinMind also partner with colleges, training providers and organistions to help them engage their communities in mental health. YouinMind are only working with local NHS trusts in some regions of the UK, so they've created a bespoke, branded platform where you can find a range of mental health support wherever you are. Simply visit YouinMind to find out more.   

YouinMind can make a really big difference, helping people take the first proactive steps towards recovery.  

There are lots of other mental health services available online too, such as:   

If you use an online learning platform, eportfolio or VLE, you can attach links to some of these support services – making it easier for your young people to access the support they need. 

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