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OneFile and degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships mean learners can get the best of university AND apprenticeships.

OneFile and degree apprenticeships

Superhero holding a phone and diploma

The new apprenticeship alliance: degree apprenticeships mean learners can get the best of university AND apprenticeships.

You know that part in action movies where the rivals realise they'll have to work together to save the world? Well, that's degree apprenticeships. The huge benefits of apprenticeships are quickly becoming apparent, so universities and other HEIs want in on the action.

They're coming to the rescue by creating exceptional opportunities for people across the UK – battling skills shortages, upskilling workforces and pulling together for education. They work for everyone: HEIs, employers, employees, apprentices, parents.

But it's tough for heroes to go it alone.

OneFile is degree apprenticeships' trusty sidekick: the Robin to their Batman. We provide you with all the necessary tools so that you can deliver amazing degree apprenticeships – fulfilling destinies and shaping the future of the UK.

Join forces

To deliver great degree apprenticeships, you should create connections with employers who need to plug the skills gaps in their business. Luckily, OneFile's dynamite reporting suite helps you work with employers to do just that. The apprenticeship levy means businesses have a vested interest in their learner's accomplishments; with OneFile, they can check the progress of their triumphant staff in real-time.

Be the standard-bearer  

Superheroes have to set the standard – and our in-house team of standards builders can help. After you've decided the required knowledge, skills and behaviours with the employer, you can pass this information on to our team and they'll build it for you. Talk about teamwork.

OneFile never sleeps

Even when your learners are off-the-job, OneFile's on it. You can record learner activities undertaken off-the-job in OneFile's timesheets and check that they're meeting the 20% requirement in our reports. That way, you'll always be audit-ready for a HEFCE inspection.

The end

The degree apprenticeship quest is nearly over. There's been battles, bruises and BIG projects to undertake. The end is in sight – but there's just one more hurdle: the end-point assessment. But never fear – OneFile's portfolio showcase feature is here! Learners can select their best pieces and download them to a zip file, ready to present to their end-point assessor.

Our work doesn't end there. We've got EVERYTHING covered for degree apprenticeships, including offline data capture, a VLE that maps criteria into the eportfolio, and a powerful CPD tool for self-motivated learners and tutors. Read on to see how else OneFile supports degree apprenticeships.

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