Ofsted and the new register of apprenticeship training providers

When the RoATP was announced in 2017, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Ofsted.

Ofsted and the new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers

When the RoATP was announced in 2017, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Ofsted.

The RoATP has already trebled the amount of training providers eligible to deliver training in the UK from 793 to 2,588 – and the numbers keep on growing. The application window opens every 6 months, so more providers will still be added in the future.

All training providers must be inspected by Ofsted, so this sharp increase has been a huge challenge for Ofsted. The challenge is made even more difficult as 55% of RoATP main providers accepted in the first round have never been inspected by Ofsted before.

These providers will be thrown in at the deep end at inspection time. Organisations now only get 2 days' notice before their inspection, so providers will have put some measures in place to ensure they're always quality compliant.

This will be a shock to the system for new providers, so we've come up with some rules for them to follow.

Find out how OneFile meets the Ofsted inspection framework here. 

5 ways to prepare for an Ofsted inspection:

1. Start early

Training providers that are new to the market don't have any bad habits to break – so they should start as they mean to go on! Make sure you record a clear audit trail throughout the assessment process and have all your records readily available for inspection.

2. Go Digital

Ofsted will need to see evidence of each user's learning journey, so using an online portfolio is the best option. Each stage of the journey is tracked automatically and available at the touch of a button – which is perfect for inspections!

3. Speak to other providers

Many training providers have lots of experience with Ofsted, and will be more than happy to talk you through the process. Reach out to some in your local area and ask them what tools they use to manage their inspections.

4. Read all about it

Take a look at the Ofsted inspection handbook to find out exactly what you'll be inspected on. It will help you prepare for any questions your inspector asks during their visit.

5. Don't panic

If you're new to Ofsted inspections - don’t panic! Loads of training providers on the new register are in the same boat, so you're not alone. If you invest in the right tools to support your training delivery – such as an assessment eportfolio or virtual learning hub – Ofsted inspections will be easier than you think!

At OneFile, we’ve designed our learning platform to support each stage of the Ofsted inspection. All learner and assessor activity is recorded electronically, so you can always access a complete audit trail at the touch of a button.

Download our guide to find out how OneFile meets the Ofsted inspection framework.

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