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Nursing apprenticeships 2018

The new nursing apprenticeships are finally starting to make waves.

Nursing apprenticeships 2018 – 9 unis added to the list

doctor taking medicine from a phone-shaped cupboard

Nursing apprenticeships have been around for a year – and they're finally starting to make waves 

The route to becoming a nurse has changed recently. Instead of spending 3 years doing a degree, prospective nurses can now complete a degree-level apprenticeship 

The change was made after the apprenticeship levy was launched in April 2017. The NHS is the UK's largest employer, and nursing apprenticeships have given the NHS a high-level, relevant qualification to spend their levy on. But nursing apprenticeships have loads of other benefits too: 

  • More people have the opportunity to become a nurse 
  • Nurses can earn while they learn  
  • Student nurses are helping on the ward from day one  
  • Student nurses don't have to pay university or training fees 
  • Apprentices gain a degree-level qualification and have hands-on experience 

Despite these big benefits, the scheme didn't really take off last year. Only 2 unis – The Open University and Anglia Ruskin University – have started delivering nursing apprenticeships. But that's about to change.  

Universities have had time to get used to the idea, and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has upped their funding, so 9 more universities will be offering nurse apprenticeships in September 2018!  

HEFCE has pledged £4.9 million to help the HEIs deliver 4,500 apprenticeships. Coventry University, Keele University, Leeds Trinity University and University of Cumbria will use the cash to develop registered degree apprenticeships. The University of Suffolk, Sheffield Hallam University, Middlesex University, Birmingham City University and Southampton Solent are delivering adult nursing and adult nursing practice apprenticeships. 

Dr. Mark Bacon, director of research and innovation at Keele University, said: 'As an institution, we're committed to developing high-quality apprenticeship delivery to meet the needs of regional and national industry. Our apprenticeships will be as highly esteemed as our traditional degree delivery.' 

In September, nursing apprenticeships will be delivered across the country – which is great news for NHS trusts. Nursing apprenticeships: 

  • Help trusts reach the public-sector target of 2.3% of the workforce in apprenticeships by 2020.  
  • Encourage more people to become nurses. 
  • Tackle skills and staff shortages across the NHS. 
  • Get workers on the ward from day one. 

One trust making apprenticeships work for them is Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation (GMMH). They're using OneFile's learning software to deliver, manage and track apprenticeships – with great success! We spoke to Cathy Berry, head of apprenticeships at GMMH, to hear her thoughts:

'OneFile is so helpful – especially for recording off-the-job. Nurses can capture all learning using the app, record it on OneFile and get it signed off – it's easy.' 

To read the full story, download Cathy's case study. 

With OneFile, apprentices can take photos, videos or audio recordings of their competencies and record them online. It means instead of writing lengthy notes during their shift, users can capture evidence quickly on the ward.  

Tutors, managers and employers can access their learners' portfolios online to mark work, send feedback and generate reports. It's simple, convenient and cost-effective – that's why OneFile is a national favourite used by 24 NHS trusts across the country. 

To see exactly how OneFile is used to deliver NHS apprenticeships and training, sign up to our free webinarOr download our free guide to find out more about using OneFile to deliver nursing apprenticeships.  

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