Managing nurse apprenticeships with OneFile

The number of new nursing apprenticeships is expected to significantly rise.

Manage nurse apprenticeships with OneFile

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NHS Trusts face an ongoing battle when it comes to nurse training. From the financial costs to time spent away from patients, there's a whole host of problems to deal with. 

At OneFile, we understand the unique pressures NHS trusts face. One of our co-founders previously worked as an NHS assessor, and it was the overhwelming burden of paperwork that inspired them to develop OneFile. Our market leading eportfolio has helped thousands of people in the public sector overcome these common problems - reducing costs, saving time, improving the quality of training, and ultimately, increasing the amount of time spent with patients.

Find out why 30 NHS trusts already use OneFile here.

By 2017, the number of new nursing apprenticeships is expected to significantly rise, so it's inevitable that training costs are going to go up too. That's why its so important you find a solution that saves money, reduces training time and suits your setting. An effective eportfolio is the answer. The NHS can save a lot of money simply by changing the way apprenticeship training is delivered.

On average, centres using OneFile save £300 per learner, per year. But where do the savings come from? We asked over 30 top NHS centres who already use our eportfolio to tell us how:

Staff time

With less paperwork to complete, staff have more time to train new nurses. This means the number of learners per employee can be increased without putting extra pressure on them or reducing the quality of teaching - saving money across the board. And both teachers and trainees will enjoy more time to spend with their patients, so everyone is a winner.

Travel time

Thanks to its full online and offline functionality, assessors can complete reviews wherever they are. This means less face-to-face visits, less petrol and more remote learning, allowing staff to spend more quality time with their patients.

Paperwork and printing

Say goodbye to paperwork... bid printing farewell... and forget about stationery orders... with an online eportfolio, you can complete all your planning and assessments online. Not only will your staff be able to train effectively on the job, they won't have to carry around a hefty portfolio - just log on to any smart phone or PC to access their full account.

Timely completions

With access anywhere and anytime, learners can complete courses more quickly - cutting training costs, reducing staff pressures and ensuring you receive a highly trained employee in no time at all.

Better engagement

As apprentices can access their portfolio on the go and monitor their progress in real-time, they feel much more engaged in their entire learning journey. In fact, learners who feel  more involved achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.

But that’s enough about the benefits – you want to know the cold hard facts. Download our guide to find out the return on investment you can expect from using an eportfolio in the NHS. There’s also loads of further information, useful downloads and an ROI calculator – so you can get a bespoke estimate for your centre.

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