How does OneFile improve quality management?

How exactly does OneFile improve quality management?

How does OneFile improve quality management?

Quality management is really important in apprenticeships. Providers need to make sure they’re tracking the learning journey and the audit trail is transparent for Ofsted inspections and ESFA audits. If quality isn’t up to scratch, providers could receive a poor grade, have their funding stopped or even be banned from delivering apprenticeships.

We know just how important quality is – that's why we’ve designed OneFile to support quality management at every stage of the learning journey. OneFile has made a massive difference for providers across the country – but how exactly does OneFile improve quality management?

Personalising the curriculum

Ofsted wants providers to personalise the apprenticeship curriculum according to each apprentice’s prior learning and predicted grade. With OneFile, learners can rate their prior learning against the KSBs in the standard during the initial assessment. Tutors can then use this RPL to personalise their curriculum delivery.

Proving the progression of learning

With OneFile’s evaluation scorecard, you have an auditable record of the progression of learning throughout the learning journey. Learners can rate their learning as they progress, proving what they’ve learned at different stages in the journey. Their scores are automatically plotted on a graph to show the progression of learning – which is what Ofsted wants to see.

Tracking off-the-job training

Providers need to have a record of actual off-the-job hours to comply with ESFA funding rules. With OneFile, learners can record their hours in the timesheet and select whether each activity was completed on or off the job.

OneFile makes it easy to record the actual amount of time a student has spent completing a task, so it’s easy to track off-the-job training in a compliant way.

John Plummer, senior lecturer | Edge Hill University

Standardising resources

Everyone in your organisation needs access to up-to-date records and resources. With OneFile, you can run real-time reports with live data and create standardised documents for your whole centre to access. You can update them whenever you need, so everyone has access to up-to-date versions – helping improve quality and standardisation across your centre.

OneFile made our Ofsted inspection easier. One of the inspectors watched an assessor run through a full demo of the system to see how they use OneFile in the business. The inspector was really impressed – this contributed towards an Outstanding grade for Siemens.”

Dave Ambler, quality assurance consultant | Siemens

OneFile has supported hundreds of organisations to Ofsted outstanding. To find out exactly how OneFile works, how it can improve your quality management, and what other providers think, download your Ofsted guidance pack.

It covers everything you need to know about quality management in apprenticeships – and how OneFile can help.

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