How to switch eportfolio providers

If you’re looking to switch, here are 5 tips to help the process go smoothly.

How to switch eportfolios

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Eportfolios are a staple in education and training.  

With an eportfolio, learners can upload evidence and access resources wherever they are. Tutors and assessors can log in to set assignments, send feedback and generate reports. Eportfolios make the whole training process easy to manage – so it's no wonder they're taking the sector by storm. However, some organisations didn't find the best eportfolio for them first time round, and are now looking to switch to a different provider. This may sound like a lot of work, but switching providers is actually easier than you think.  

If you're looking to switch, here are some tips to help the process go smoothly:  

1. Identify the issues

If your eportfolio isn't quite right, it's time to make a change. Have a meeting with your staff to discuss where your current provider is going wrong. Maybe the system's outdated? Maybe it's over-priced? Or maybe it no longer has the functionality you need. Whatever the issues, jot them down and keep them in mind when you're looking for a new provider.  

2. Think big 

Now you know what you don't want, you can make a list of all the things you do want in your next eportfolio. Don't just stick to the basics – think BIG. Eportfolios are pretty advanced these days, so look for an offline app, integrations, built-in features and portability.  

These points will form the bulk of your software business case, so thinking about the benefits now will help you write it up later.  

3. Ask around 

You'll be using your new eportfolio every day, so speak to people who already use the system. Read reviews, talk to your colleagues and ask people at conferences – their honest feedback with help you make the final decision. Looks for facts to back-up their claims too.  

4. Get writing  

Now you have some options in mind, you'll have to write a business case to get buy-in from the people at the top. This will help you justify the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities before you invest. Writing a business case be tricky – especially if you've never done one before – so we've created a fully populated template for you to use. We've made it as simple as possible – there are instructions for you to follow and examples to use.  

5. Go for it! 

When you've got sign-off from the people at the top, just go for it! To make the switch, you'll need to download all your data and transfer it onto the new system. Your new provider should be able to help with this if you need a hand.   

At OneFile, our eportfolio is the most popular on the market, used by 600,000 people around the world. This means we're used to people switching from their old providers to join the OneFile family – so we've made the process as simple as possible! 

We've created a business case template for you to use. It has all the information you need and instructions to follow – just add details about your organisation.  

Download template  

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