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How to get an outstanding Ofsted rating

One of the UK’s largest training providers has hit the headlines due to their inadequate rating.

How to get an outstanding Ofsted rating

There's been a lot of commotion in the vocational training sector.

After an injunction was lifted by the High Court recently, one of the UK's largest adult training providers has hit the headlines. Their inadequate rating was a shock to us all, but instead of dwelling on numbers and statistics, we've decided to focus on the people.

Ofsted found that not enough learners and apprentices achieved the skills and qualifications to progress in work and education. Due to their poor management and training, thousands of learners have failed to meet their potential. After embarking on a course to progress their career and bolster their future, 70% of apprentices fell below the minimum standard, and 60% failed to complete their qualification. These statistics are not just shocking to read, they represent thousands of young people who have been let down by the education system. 

In the report, managers, tutors and assessors were criticised for how they manage learner progress, staff performance and training quality – all things that can be easily managed online.  


What have we learnt from their mistakes?  

The inadequacies highlighted by Ofsted could have been avoided with better organisation and technology. Using a learning platform to manage training delivery eliminates many of the issues highlighted in the inadequate Ofsted report. With OneFile, you can monitor learner progress, assessor caseloads, on-time completions, quality assurance and staff performance at the touch of a button. OneFile also monitors learner progress in real-time so tutors can track progress and send feedback instantly. The entire audit trail is recorded online and can be accessed remotely – which is ideal for sharing information between apprentices, employers and training providers. 


Here's what our customers think about using OneFile for their Ofsted inspections: 

TPM Training  

'One of the biggest impacts of OneFile for us was Ofsted inspections. The inspector said we wouldn't have been graded good without OneFile.  

With OneFile, there is a clear progression of learners and each learner knows where they're up to. Work is completely trackable and you can see the information going back and forth between the learner and assessor. You can set clear targets and see if they've been met at the touch of a button – Ofsted were really impressed.'


Exeter College 

'We had an Ofsted inspection just over a year ago and received Grade 1 Outstanding. They specifically mentioned how OneFile had really helped us get a Grade 1 because of how it supports learners and the quality of their programme.' 


Milton Keynes College 

'We have yet to encounter an awarding organisation who is not fully satisfied with OneFile. In fact, OneFile ensures we have the information needed for a successful AO visit at our fingertips. Our EQAs are also happy to sample remotely, which has helped us claim achievements which would have had to wait for centre visits previously.' 


These providers have not only used OneFile to avoid these mistakes - they've used OneFile to excel.  

To find out how OneFile can help you meet Ofsted's Common Inspection Framework, download our free guide.

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