How to apply for a nursing apprenticeship

The nursing apprenticeship is designed to give more people the opportunity to become nurses.

How to apply for a nursing apprenticeship

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The journey to become a nurse has changed a lot recently – but applying for a nursing apprenticeship is actually really easy.  

In the past, aspiring nurses would have to do a degree before becoming a registered nurse. But since September 2017, you can now complete a nursing apprenticeship – combining on-the-job training with academic learning over a 4-year course. 

The new nursing apprenticeship is designed to give more people the opportunity to become a nurse.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You don't pay tuition fees or training fees as the apprenticeship costs are covered by the employer.
  • You'll earn while you learn on the job and gain valuable experience of life on the ward.
  • You don't need A levels or any prior experience to apply.
  • You'll gain the same qualification as a university graduate without having to pay tuition fees.

I'm new to nursing – how do I apply?

Even if you've never worked in healthcare before, applying to be a nurse apprentice is easy. Just head to the Government website 'findanapprenticeship' and type in some keywords and your location to browse the opportunities in your area.

Most nursing degree apprenticeships take 4 years to complete unless you have previous experience working as a nursing associate.

I'm a nursing associate – can I still apply for a nursing apprenticeship? 

The nursing apprenticeships are designed to help more healthcare workers progress into nursing. As a nursing associate, you already work alongside fully qualified nurses to deliver hands-on care and are already studying towards a level 5 qualification. This means some of your experience may count towards the degree-level apprenticeship, and reduce the length of the course. 

How do I apply? 

Just speak to your employer about becoming a nursing apprentice. The new degree-level courses start in September, so now's the time to apply. 

Ready to take the next step? 

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