How does OneFile increase teaching staff engagement?

Keeping your teaching staff engaged is crucial to apprenticeship delivery.

How does OneFile increase teaching staff engagement?

In vocational training and apprenticeships, the focus is often on the learner. Providers track learner progress, learner engagement and learner completion rates, but for learners to achieve, they need the support of quality, engaged teaching staff.

Your teaching staff do a fantastic job. They have busy work lives with multiple learners to support, curriculums to plan, and reports to run – so keeping them engaged in their work is really important. If your teaching staff aren’t engaged, they’re not providing the quality support learners need to achieve. But if they are engaged, tutors are able to provide high-quality, personalised support that really makes a difference to learner outcomes.

Keeping your teaching staff engaged is crucial to the success of your delivery – that's why we’ve designed OneFile to be engaging for tutors as well as learners and employers.

Here’s how OneFile increases staff engagement:

Access anytime, anywhere

With OneFile, tutors and assessors can access the whole portfolio anytime, anywhere. This means they don’t have the frustrations of paper files, forgotten portfolios or missed visits – teaching staff can provide quality support to their learners wherever they are.

Feedback and alerts

Tutors and teachers are alerted when a learner completes an activity and are prompted to provide feedback, set further work or schedule a review. This helps keep employees engaged as they know they’re providing timely feedback that’s helping learners maintain momentum and really making a difference.

Remote teaching

Tutors can deliver remote teaching and learning sessions using Microsoft Teams and OneFile. Tutors can meet their learners, speak to them one-on-one and ask learners to reflect on the session so they can see the difference their support is making – helping keep your teaching staff (and learners) engaged.

Progress reports and dashboards

Tutors can see individual learner dashboards and report on cohort progress to see how their support is helping learners progress. Seeing the impact of their hard work is really rewarding and helps keep staff engaged. OneFile’s progress dashboards also make progress tracking simple and easy, which helps overcome barriers to support and engagement.

As well as all these features, OneFile removes many of the frustrations from apprenticeship delivery – like excess paperwork, endless spreadsheets, travelling to visits, forgotten portfolios, complex criteria and waiting for feedback. OneFile makes it much easier for teaching staff to make a difference in learners’ lives – which is another driving force behind employee engagement.

OneFile makes the whole process much more engaging. It’s so convenient and all the criteria is there for tutors to see in a couple of clicks. After the assessment, the IQA can give feedback, which is invaluable, especially for trainee tutors.”

Kevin Todds, software developer and on-call crew manager | Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

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