How does OneFile increase employer engagement?

OneFile is popular with big brands like Specsavers, Costa and Siemens.

How does OneFile increase employer engagement?

OneFile has tons of built-in features that make it easy for employers to get involved in the apprenticeship journey. Employers have their own OneFile logins to access portfolios, reports, messaging and dashboards – so they can collaborate easily and see exactly how training is helping develop the skills they need in their business. That’s why OneFile is the most popular apprenticeship software with employer providers – including Specsavers, National Grid, Costa and Siemens.

OneFile increases the quality of training, reduces errors and saves our business tons of time and money.”

Dave Ambler, quality assurance consultant | Siemens

Here’s how OneFile increases employer engagement:

Employer logins

If employers don’t have visibility of their apprentices’ work or progress, it’s easy for them to become disengaged with the apprenticeship journey. With OneFile, employers have their own logins so they can easily get involved as much or as little as they want. They can log in to view their learner’s portfolio, provide feedback, collaborate with the provider, monitor progress and run reports. They can see exactly how training is impacting their learner, which motivates them to get involved and support the learner throughout their journey.

It’s clear to see that OneFile enhances employer engagement. Employers like it because they can see what the learner is working on and what their current and expected progress is. They can work with tutors online to support learners – it's what they want to do.”

Kim Bleasdale, head of curriculum | Alliance Learning

Communication tools

We all know struggling to get in touch with people or waiting ages for email replies can be really frustrating and disengaging. That's why OneFile has loads of built-in communication tools to help employers get involved and stay in touch. Employers can send online messages, leave instant feedback and initiate video calls. Tutors can also set alerts to prompt employers to complete tasks – helping them stay engaged.

Real-time reporting: real-time results

Employers have invested a lot of time and money into their learners, so they want to know their investment is paying off. With OneFile, employers can log in to see how staff are progressing through their course – and all the valuable support tutors are sharing too.

Learners love OneFile too, so they learn more in less time, complete qualifications 35% quicker and achieve 10% higher outcomes than learners that don’t use OneFile. Being able to monitor real-time reports and results helps employers stay engaged as they can see the return on their investment grow over time.

These are just 3 reasons why employers love OneFile. To find out all the reasons OneFile is so popular with employers, download your free guide to employer engagement.

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