How does OneFile increase employer engagement?

How does OneFile increase employer engagement?

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It’s no wonder that employers were keen to develop the national standards for apprenticeships. One career pathway delivers so many benefits in the world of work – such as generating pipelines of talent, upskilling teams, improving productivity and tackling national skills shortages.

But those ‘wins’ are only realised when everyone involved works in genuine, trusted and collaborative partnerships. That’s not a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a way of working that supports the bottom line as research from Gallup, (EPS), shows that companies with engaged workforces have higher earnings per share.

How OneFile helps you to maximise engagement

Programme management - OneFile enables you to run your entire apprenticeship programme online, with full visibility and input from you and your apprentices.

Using a tailor-made system enables you to start with the end in mind, be clear on expectations and work methodically from the outset, right through to end-point assessment. It’s also a way to hold yourself accountable for effective delivery – a move that’s almost guaranteed to maintain momentum and maximise candidate motivation.

Kim Bleasdale, head of curriculum | Alliance Learning, said: “It’s clear to see that OneFile enhances employer engagement. Employers like it because they can see what the learner is working on and what their current and expected progress is. They can work with tutors online to support learners – it's what they want to do.”

Control – Staying in control ensures you meet the recruitment, training and skills needs of your business, as well as your learners.

That’s one of the reasons why OneFile is the most popular apprenticeship software with employer providers.

To help this, we give employers logins, which allow you to access to all relevant documentation in one place. You’ll be able to use our dashboards and tools to ensure that training is meeting the needs of your organisation and prevent potential issues.

Communication - OneFile’s platform streamlines communication – with online messaging, instant feedback, video call options and ‘nudges’ on tasks are all coordinated in one place. This helps to maintain momentum and motivation on all sides.

Reporting and real-time results - Using our platform, you can generate and review real-time reports and results to prove that your investment of time and money is paying off and maintain buy-in from your organisation.

In our experience of supporting thousands of learners through their apprenticeship programmes, we know that most love using online solutions. As a result, they learn more in less time, complete qualifications 35% quicker, and achieve 10% higher outcomes than learners that don’t use OneFile.

These are just four of the ways in which OneFile can boost your employer engagement. Download our guide to find out more.

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