How does OneFile improve data management?

OneFile also has tons of built-in features to help centres improve data management.

How does OneFile improve data management?

Whether you’re delivering Functional Skills, apprenticeship standards or corporate training, data management is important for all organisations. Good data management not only saves tons of time and frustrations searching through spreadsheets, it’s actually business critical. All training organisations need accurate learner records, up-to-date progress reports and secure data for inspections and audits. Without the right data at your fingertips, your organisation could quickly be out of business!

At OneFile, we understand just how important data management is. That’s why we’re ISO27001-accredited for information security and 100% GDPR-compliant. All data held by OneFile is securely stored in one place and backed up every 24 hours.

OneFile also has tons of built-in features to help centres improve data management – from live reports to electronic signatures.

Reporting suite

OneFile’s reporting suite updates in real time, so data is always accurate and objective. OneFile has over 75 built-in reports – from off-the-job training reports or activity logs. You can also create custom reports to access the exact data you need. You can also export data as a CSV or share data to other systems through OneFile’s integrations.

“The reporting features in OneFile are amazing. Just a couple of clicks and the data is there. Everything is fully traceable and auditable.”

Jo Mabbutt, project coordinator | Liveries Companies Apprenticeship Scheme

Live dashboards

With OneFile, you can track learner progress using live dashboards with click-throughs to reports. This gives you the insights you need to track learner progress and provide personalised support – whether they’re at risk, on track or high-performing.

Live dashboards and reports make it easier to manage learner data and monitor learner progression – which is really important for audits and inspections.

Electronic signatures

OneFile has auditable electronic signatures to make signing off work quicker, easier and more secure. It also means you have a complete online audit trail of assignments and signatures.

Data exports and API

OneFile has an open API so you can integrate other systems to share data – preventing double entry and increasing data quality. OneFile also offers daily exports that you can integrate into external and internal systems and business intelligence dashboards.

To find out more about how OneFile can help improve data management at your organisation, book a demo with a member of the team. They’ll show you around the system and answer any questions you have.


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