How do T Levels benefit businesses?

T Level placements give employers access to young talent, extra resource and fresh ideas.

How do T Levels benefit businesses?

The new T Levels are popular with young people and businesses alike. They give employers early access to young talent in their industry, while providing much-needed experience for the next generation of workers.

What are T Levels?

T Levels are a new type of qualification for young people. T Levels last 2 years and are equivalent to 3 A Levels.

How do T Levels work?

T Level students learn the core theory, concepts and skills in an industry area and complete at least 45 days’ industry placement to gain real-life work experience. Students spend their placement in a real company learning the day-to-day responsibilities of the industry.

What T Levels are available?

The first 3 T Levels were rolled out in September 2020 in these subject areas:

  • Design, surveying and planning for construction
  • Digital production, design and development
  • Education and childcare

There are plenty more T Levels in development that will be ready to roll out in September 2021 – from healthcare science to onsite construction.

How do T Levels benefit employers?

Cost-effective recruitment

You can avoid many of the costs associated with recruitment by working with local colleges and schools and offering placements. The colleges will match their students with your placement, bringing talented young people into your business.

Early access to young talent

By offering work placements, you’ll have first access to budding students in your industry. If your T Level student displays the right skills, knowledge and attitude for your company, you can offer them a junior position or apprenticeship when they finish their course – kickstarting their career and helping you build a pipeline of talent.

Increase skills, ideas and creative thinking

Bringing T Level students into your business gives staff a great opportunity to practise their mentoring skills. Young people bring fresh ideas and new ways of thinking that can help your existing employees think differently about the way they do things.

Increase productivity

An industry placement student needs to be mentored, but they’re also extra resource for you and your team. They could support with a key piece of work, help you meet a deadline or complete tasks you otherwise wouldn’t have time to do.

Improve social mobility, diversity and reputation

Offering work placements can form part of your CSR efforts as, although you gain benefits, you’re also giving something back to the young people in your community. This can raise your business’s profile locally and nationally – especially as T Levels gain more public exposure.

T Levels also create opportunities for a diverse range of 16-19 year olds. Diversity is proven to help businesses increase productivity, creativity and customer satisfaction, so it’s another shared benefit for you and the young people.


To find out more about how T Levels and industry placements work, download your T Level frequently asked questions.

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