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How can learning analytics impact apprenticeships?

Find out what learning analytics you can use to impact apprenticeship delivery.

How can learning analytics impact apprenticeships?  

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Learning analytics is quite a new concept.  

It’s all about gathering data on learner behaviour, outcomes and experiences, and using this data to support future learners.  

Learning analytics has only become mainstream since learning technologies were introduced – software like virtual learning environments (VLE), learning management systems (LMS) and apprenticeship software. These systems continuously gather data about how learners interact with online tools, including:   

  • How many times learners have logged in  
  • How long they spend consuming learning content 
  • How quickly they’re progressing through a module 
  • How different training activities impact proficiency and progression  
  • How learners react to different types of support  

This data can then be used to understand how people learn, and help us make decisions about how to provide effective support to learners in the future. That's learning analytics.  

Why are learning analytics useful?  

Data itself isn’t that useful on its own. A list of test scores will show you the cohort’s average grade, but it doesn’t offer any insights into learner behaviour – the journey each apprentice took to achieve these outcomes.  

But when you gather data together, analytics are powerful tools for learning instructors. For example, if you combine test scores, content consumed, speed of progression and feedback received, you can analyse the data to build a pattern of behaviour and use these insights to make decisions.  

With effective learning analytics you can see: 

  • Which content is most effective for specific learning aims 
  • How fast high-performing apprentices progress on average  
  • What support high-performers receive compared to underachievers 
  • How different learning styles impact apprentices throughout their programme 

These insights can help instructors support learners in the future. They’ll know what content was most effective for each topic. They’ll know whether an apprentice is progressing well or is at risk of falling behind. They’ll know whether a learner needs extra support, and what the most effect method for supporting the learner is. With all these insights at their fingertips, instructors have the information they need to really make a difference. 

Of course, learning analytics only show trends, not guaranteed outcomes. No 2 learners are alike, and no 2 learning experiences are the same – so although learners won’t follow the exact path the data shows, it does give instructors the insights they need to provide powerful, personalised support.  

What’s the impact of learning analytics?  

Learning analytics are good for learners, instructors and organisations.  

  • Predict learner performance 
  • Provide personalised learning experiences 
  • Increase effectiveness of instructor support 
  • Increase timely completions  
  • Improve learner grades 
  • Increase cost-efficiency of learning programmes  
  • Improve instructor engagement  

Learning analytics are the future of apprenticeships. They give tutors insights they need to support learners and impact outcomes. 

Learning analytics made easy 

With the right technology, you can monitor learning behaviour easily and use the data to gain the valuable insights your tutors need. OneFile’s apprenticeship software records every aspect of the learning experience, so you can gather data, track usage, send feedback, measure impact and predict outcomes in one place.  

That’s why it’s the go-to software for apprenticeships.  

To find out how you can use OneFile for learning analysis, download your free data-driven learning pack. It covers everything you need to know about learner data and how you can use analytics to improve training.  

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