How can data drive learning and development?

Find out how you can use big data to drive big results for your business.

How can data drive learning and development? 


We use data to drive decisions in loads of aspects of our lives.  

We gather data about how many steps we take, how many calories we burn and how well we sleep. We track how much we spend and how much we save. We gather data about all sorts of things, and then use this data to inform our decisions. We often don’t realise we’re doing it, but we constantly use analytics to modify and improve our lives.  

The same should be done for learning and development.  

With the right data, you can track, justify and improve learning and development efforts. This means your learners will learn more, faster. It means your training will be more personalisedengaging and cost-effective. And it means your budget will go further. Big data is the key to big results – and here’s why:  

Increase engagement 

Whether you’re delivering apprenticeships or in-house L&D, gathering progress data will help you provide personalised support to your learners. And if learners have access to up-to-date progress data – displayed on reports or dashboards – they can track their own growth and see how each activity relates to their overall outcome. This combination of personalised support and accessible progress data motivates learners and increases engagement.  

Improve achievement rates  

If you gather data like quiz scores, proficiency levels and progress percentages, L&D staff can see exactly how their learners are doing at any given time. This means they don’t have to wait until the end of the year to support at-risk learners, they can offer support as soon as learners start to fall behind and get them back on track.  

Tutors can do the same with high-performing learners. They can stretch and challenge learners to encourage progression and help them boost their grade.  

Increase buy-in 

If you’re struggling to demonstrate the value of your learning and development efforts, data is the answer. You can analyse usage rates, learner progression and outcomes to show the impact of training and how it affects your business performance. If you can use data to show the return of your L&D efforts, you’re more likely to get buy-in for future investment.  

Big data brings big benefits – but gathering all this data doesn’t have to be a big deal. With the right technology, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.  

OneFile’s learning software has a built-in reporting suite, progress tracker, timesheet, quiz builder and feedback feature, so you can track, manage and support learners in one place. Progress is displayed on dashboards for learners, tutors and managers. You can track usage, send feedback and generate reports in real-time. And you can see exactly how tutor support impacts learner outcomes.  

OneFile makes big data easy to understand and simple to use.  

To find out more about OneFile – how it works, what data OneFile gathers, and how you can use data to deliver ever better learning and development, download your free guide 

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