Elearning around the world

Elearning is growing in popularity around the world.

As businesses in more sectors embrace technology, the demand for digital education tools has increased too. In England, primary school children are now taught how to code, college students complete their coursework online, apprentices use digital learning platforms to collate their portfolios, and universities use virtual learning environments to share resources.

In fact, UK universities are leading the edtech revolution. The Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh deliver more online content than any other institution in the world – but other nations are starting to catch up!

To celebrate the growth of teaching technologies, we’ve hopped over the equator and travelled down under to find out how different countries are using tech:


Many African countries have been using elearning for over a decade! And as the African economy grows and internet access develops across the continent, more regions are using elearning software to deliver learning to their students.  


Elearning has already taken India by storm. As over half the Indian population is under 25, many elearning businesses have received extra funding to develop solutions that engage with young people and adapt to trends. One of the most famous examples is Leap Learning Solutions – a Delphi-based digital learning app for the English language. They have recently received huge investments from Ronnie Screwvala – an Indian billionaire entrepreneur – to launch a new startup for online learning.


Australia has been relatively late to embrace elearning trends, but now many companies have seen the light and are starting to invest in elearning. Pure Learning is a great example of this. Frustrated with the poor state of elearning across Australia, Pure Learning has created a virtual learning platform that is colourful, smart and simple. Their tagline is pretty to the point too: ‘elearning that doesn’t suck’!


Most countries are welcoming virtual learning with open arms – which is fantastic news for teachers and elarners around the world. Technology is having a positive impact on many aspects of learning – from flexibility to enjoyment – so to help you find the best tech for your classroom, we’ve collected our top advantages of technology for teaching and learning.

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