people working around a tablet that shows onefile software

Comparing eportfolios?

For anyone that is looking for a new eportfolio, comparing all the features and apps can be a challenge. So we’ve made it simple for you.

Comparing eportfolios?

people working around a tablet that shows onefile software

You must be looking to switch from paper to technology – or from a substandard provider to a superior one.

For anyone looking for a new eportfolio, comparing all the features and apps can be a challenge. So we've made it simple. We've outlined three steps to follow to make sure you definitely need a new system, and what to do when you're ready to take the plunge.

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Identify the issues

If you're fed up with your eportfolio provider, there's no point just sitting around moaning – it's time to take action!

Have a meeting with your staff to discuss where your current provider is going wrong. Whether it's poor customer service, faulty features, over-priced contracts or all of the above – when you've identified the issues you're experiencing now, you'll know what to look for in your future provider.

Do your research

Now you've discussed all the ways your current provider lets you down, you're probably ready to make a change. But if you're still feeling a bit wary about switching, compare all your options in detail.

Here are some key things to think about:

  • Do they have the most experience?
  • Are they endorsed by all major awarding bodies?
  • Do they provide onboarding support?
  • Do they offer free online training?
  • Can you integrate their software with external systems?
  • Do they have the highest levels of security?

Ask around

Talk to your colleagues, reach out to people at conferences, find out what systems your competitors are using – whatever it takes to create a list of potential providers.

Then it's time to look into the numbers.

Choosing an eportfolio with the most customers is a good indication of their level of service. Find out which provider is used by the most learners, colleges, universities, training providers and private companies – as well as which one has the most endorsements by official awarding bodies.

At OneFile, we're proud to be the most used, most loved and most endorsed eportfolio for learning and development – so we're a pretty good place to start!


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