Boost your skills and your career with OneFile Academy

Boost your skills and your career with OneFile Academy

At OneFile, we want everyone to reach their full potential.

That's why our software is packed full of innovative tools to support lifelong learning – helping users learn the skills they need to succeed.  

To help users get even more out of our software, we've also launched OneFile Academy – an accredited certification in how to use OneFile. Designed for assessors, centre managers and IQAs, OneFile Academy is the ideal way to improve your IT skills, become a OneFile pro and boost your CV – helping you move up the career ladder faster.

We decided to launch OneFile Academy as many colleges and training providers requested an official OneFile training programme to support their staff. Assessors, centre managers and IQAs learn best practice by using OneFile for assessments, quality assurance and reporting – helping centres standardise practice across the board.  

'It was great that there are two parts to the course – knowledge and practical. It really helped confirm my understanding of OneFile and gives me confidence that others who complete the course have really good knowledge to build on.  

Hopefully more of our assessors will now take the opportunity to get this certification. It will certainly benefit them and enhance the way they use OneFile to assess.' 

- Pat Harlow, Learning Technologist – Derby College


Save time

You'll learn how reporting, workflows and progress dashboards can help you complete your assignments in less time.

Become an expert

By becoming a OneFile champion, you can support you peers in using OneFile - bringing a new set of skills to the team.

Boost your CV

As more and more jobs require OneFile experience, an official OneFile qualification will give your CV an added boost. 


OneFile Academy is available to everyone, everywhere. 

You can sign up to group sessions hosted across the country by our very own OneFile experts. You'll learn all the fundamentals of OneFile – from configuring your account to creating custom reports.  

When you're fully confident in your skills, you'll complete an online knowledge test and a hands-on assessment before receiving your official OneFile certification. It'll look great on your CV, enhance your assessment methods, and give you extra confidence in using the system.

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