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Apprenticeships have revolutionised accountancy

Becki Hunter head of apprenticeships and her journey with the new apprenticeship standards. 

Apprenticeships have revolutionised accountancy

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At our recent OneFile event, Becki Hunter – head of apprenticeships at First Intuition – spoke about her journey with the new apprenticeship standards.  

She was part of a trailblazer group, working with employers to design and build the new accountancy standards; ‘It was all a bit pie in the sky to start with, but it was a great opportunity to hear from employersThe new apprenticeships have revolutionised accountancy and brought a fresh approach to how accountancy training is delivered. The biggest thing was the level 7 degree accountancy apprenticeship. It’s been a whirlwind – but now it’s here, it’s great.’ 

Becki now uses OneFile to deliver accountancy apprenticeships in levels 3, 4 and 7. She said they were lucky to have an EPAO (end-point assessment organisation) already in place when the standards were released, but they have experienced other challenges. ‘The role of the training provider has changed beyond recognition, so we’ve invested in our staff to help them with the transition.’ Now they're used to their roles, they have more flexibility and are able to add more value to their apprenticeships. Becki said tracking progress and learning can be a challenge now, but OneFile has made this transition as easy as possible. ‘Apprentices, coaches and employers can interact with the system in a fluid way. They can collaborate online and see everything that’s going on.’  

Becki said they’re excited to see the updates OneFile has made to help them track the learning journey. ‘It will help us focus on the journey the apprentice is on and support them with their learning.’ With OneFile’s new Learning Hub, users can submit learning reflections, upload evidence and track the progression of learning – which is what the new standards are all about.  

OneFile has supported us ever since the apprenticeship standards started. It’s a really flexible platform to engage with employers as it allows complete transparency.’ Thanks to the trailblazer groups, all the KSBs are relevant to the job role, so employers are really keen to get involved – and OneFile makes that happen. The learner, employer and provider can collaborate easily online and work together as a team – OneFile is flexible, engaging and convenient.  

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