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5 reasons training providers should invest in tech

Here are 5 big fat reasons you should invest in tech.

5 reasons training providers should invest in tech  

We think everyone should invest in tech, but today we’re focusing on training providers.  

Training providers are the frontline of adult learning and development in the UK. Whether they’re delivering Functional Skills or higher apprenticeships, training providers give people the support they need to gain a qualification and transform their career.  

They do incredible work, but there is something that could make their job easier: technology. Investing in the right tech can completely transform training delivery – from improving quality to increasing learner engagement. It can also save time, money and hassle – so why don’t more training providers invest in tech? They just don’t know all the benefits... 

Here are 5 big fat reasons you should invest in tech: 

The financial return is massive  

This is number one for good reason. Money makes the world go round, but many providers are reluctant to dole out the dough without knowing how much return they’ll get on their investment. When it comes to tech, the investment is small compared to the massive returns. You’ll save money on paper, printing, storage, wages and travel costs – as well as increase productivity. With an effective learning software, you can actually increase staff caseloads without compromising quality.  

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Big data made small 

Training providers have a lot of data to deal with, and managing it all can be a struggle. But with the right technology, you can input data quickly and share it between systems automatically – saving time, money and hassle.  

Tech makes communication easy  

Communication is key in the world of workplace learning. You need to collaborate with learners, tutors, managers and employers to make sure everyone’s on the same page. It's no easy feat – but with email, video calling and messaging tools, communication is instant, convenient and transparent for everyone.  

Technology improves quality

Quality inspections often cause panic for training providers – but it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right technology, you can manage the entire learning journey online, so you have a full audit trail available at the touch of a button. Not only does tech make inspection days easier, it can actually improve your grade 

Learners love using tech to learn  

Whether they’re young or old, learners love using technology to learn. They can learn in a way that suits them, track their progress, send messages, share learning outcomes and evaluate their learning – all at the touch of a button.  

So now you know tech is the way to go, how do you know which tech is right for you?  

Start with OneFile. Our learning software is used by hundreds of UK training providers to deliver all sorts of programmes – from Functional Skills to degree apprenticeships. It has a built-in eportfolio, reporting suite, learning journal, course builder, evaluation scorecard and off-the-job training tracker – basically everything you need to deliver any type of work-based training.  

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