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10 most common mistakes when using an eportfolio

Eportfolios are complex pieces of software – but OneFile is incredibly easy to use.

10 most common mistakes when using an eportfolio

Superhero holding a phone and diploma

Eportfolios are complex pieces of software - but OneFile is incredibly easy to use. 

At OneFile, our genius software developers have worked hard to create a multi-functional learning platform that's beautiful, intuitive and easy to use.

But like any technology, users sometimes experience technical issues along the way. That's why our technical support team is here to answer your questions whenever you need them. Just give them a call on 0161 638 3876, submit an online support ticket, or access our handy user guides.

Become a OneFile pro with OneFile Academy. 

9 times out of 10, most mistakes are pretty easy to resolve. So to help you make the most of OneFile, we've collected the 10 most common problems our users experience when using OneFile.

1. Forgotten password

Okay, so this may sound a bit basic, but you'll be amazed at how many calls we get just to reset passwords! Make sure you choose memorable words and numbers, or create a keychain so you can reset your password.

2. Ask for help

Whether you have a big issue or a tiny problem, OneFile is always here to help. We have loads of resources available to help you upload standards and build templates - and our support team is always at the end of the phone!

3. Untidy dashboards

Think of your OneFile dashboard like your virtual desk and make sure it's tidy! Click on the banners to collapse each menu and organise your dashboard so you'll always be able to find what you need.

4. Lack of practice

We all know practice makes perfect. If you don’t practise using OneFile between your training sessions, you may find it hard to get your head around the system. OneFile is very easy to use, so a 'little and often' approach will work wonders.

5. Software updates

OneFile is an innovative software, so it's really important you keep your software and operating systems updated. If not, you may have issues with display and functionality.

6. File size

You can upload files to OneFile up to 100MB – that's about 5 minutes of video! This is pretty big so only long video and audio recordings will be over this.

7. Firewall & proxy issues

Most colleges and public sector employers use a firewall to filter online access, but this could have an affect on OneFile. The firewall may block icons and even make the system run slower.

8. Unlocking assessments

If you've sent an assessment to a learner by mistake, or need to change the criteria, don’t worry! Just click on the padlock icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen to make all the changes you need.

9. Viewing IQA sampling plans

If your report doesn’t generate the data you need, you may have selected the wrong sampling criteria. Different modes will show different data, so make sure you double check!

10. Holistic vs Per criteria

Clicking 'holistic' or 'criteria' will determine how your learners submit their assessments. When you click 'holistic', learners can enter answers for multiple criteria and units into one answer box. With 'per criteria', learners are assigned a set box for each criteria.

These common mistakes are pretty easy to solve with a little tech savvy – but to become a OneFile pro, we recommend OneFile Academy.

OneFile Academy offers a suite of accredited qualifications in how to use OneFile software. You'll learn all of OneFile's features inside-out, become a OneFile genius and gain an official certificate. Download the OneFile Academy brochure to find out more.

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