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Eportfolios: what do employers think?

14th May 2018
Here are 5 big fat things employers love about eportfolios.
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10 ways eportfolios benefit tutors, assessors and providers

10th May 2018
10 big benefits of eportfolios – from time savings to improved quality.

Using an eportfolio for sports training

8th May 2018
Eportfolios can improve the quality of sports training.
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How to reduce the UK skills gap

18th April 2018
The UK skills gap has reached crisis point. Brexit, unemployment and uncertainty have taken their toll, but there is a simple solution.
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10 steps to GDPR compliance

4th April 2018
Follow these 10 steps to make sure you’re GDPR compliant.

What is personal data under GDPR?

20th March 2018
What counts as personal data? And how has it changed under the new guidance?
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College financial planning: 5 things to remember

16th March 2018
When it comes to financial planning, colleges have many people to consult.
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5 ways to improve police training ROI

7th March 2018
5 ways to improve ROI – from engagement to efficiencies.

How to recruit and retain female engineers

19th February 2018
When it comes to women in tech and engineering, the stats say it all.
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What disability benefit assessments SHOULD look like

13th February 2018
Can technology be the answer to authentic assessments?
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Why was Ofsted introduced?

12th February 2018
Osted is the national regulator for all UK education and training – but it wasn’t always this way.

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All the action from OneCon 2018

6th February 2018
we invited all our customers to join us for a day of debate, developments and delicious pastries at the Etihad stadium – here’s how it went down.

How engineering has changed the world

29th January 2018
We’ve chosen our favourite engineering feats – from prosthetics to the internet.

Why aren’t there more UK women in STEM?

18th January 2018
Lots has been done to get females into STEM, there’s still a lack of women in the workplace.
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A royal delivery

11th January 2018
OneFile won the 2017 Queen’s Award for Innovation! The award recognises our ground-breaking eportfolio app.