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Using an eportfolio for access HE courses

4th February 2019
Online learning is great for tutors and students – especially if you use an eportfolio.
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How to support access HE students

31st January 2019
Access HE courses offer people a second chance. 
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Who does OneFile integrate with?

23rd January 2019
Our software is all about making a difference to people’s lives. We want to help people learn.
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Should employers be involved in evaluating learners?

23rd January 2019
The short answer is: yes. And there are 3 main reasons why…
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Recording solicitors’ CPD

17th January 2019
Instead of spending 16 hours a year ‘pretending to learn something’, they can identify their own learning gaps.

10 ways OneFile makes training cheaper (and better)

8th January 2019
No matter what type of training you deliver, OneFile is for you.
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10 top tips for training staff

4th January 2019
Training not only helps you develop the skills you need in your business, it shows staff that you’re invested in their future.
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OneFile: what employers need to know

14th December 2018
OneFile gives employers the flexibility to deliver training in a way that suits them. 
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How to become an access HE centre

12th December 2018
Becoming an access HE centre is quite straightforward. 

How to avoid hidden costs when choosing an elearning software

7th December 2018
Everything seems to come with hidden costs these days.
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Using technology to deliver access to HE courses

6th December 2018
Access to HE courses are a lifeline for people wanting to progress their career. 
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How can technology help influence careers advice in schools?

14th November 2018
Technology is changing our lives.
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Learners love OneFile

12th November 2018
One of the best ways to keep learners engaged is to use an interactive learning software, like OneFile.

Does my business need a new software?

21st August 2018
All businesses need to keep up with the times – and this includes implementing new software.

5 ways to help your team embrace change

16th August 2018
There are some easy steps you can follow to make the transition smoother.