10 ways to make revalidation easy

2nd July 2018
From common sense to on-the-ward tips, here are 10 ways to make revalidation easier.
nurse using technology

The first Adult Care Worker apprentice ever!

6th June 2018
The first adult care worker apprentice completed with a merit.
doctor taking medicine from a phone-shaped cupboard

Nursing apprenticeships 2018

18th April 2018
The new nursing apprenticeships are finally starting to make waves.

How to make NHS apprenticeships a success

23rd March 2018
Find out how NHS trusts are using their levy funds to recruit, train, inspire and retain staff.
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Using an eportfolio for dentist training

1st December 2017
Using an eportfolio to record evidence is quick, authentic and stress-free.
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Managing an ageing workforce in the NHS

29th November 2017
Here are some of the tests facing the NHS as its workforce gets older.

Using eportfolios across the NHS

9th November 2017
They’re not just for nurses. Eportfolios can be used to train and revalidate all roles in the NHS – from receptionists to consultants.
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EU nurses are leaving the NHS

8th November 2017
Since the UK voted to leave the EU, the number of nurses and midwives arriving to work in the UK from Europe has decreased by 89%.
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Why is CPD important in the NHS?

10th October 2017
CPD isn’t just important for career progression – it improves quality of patient care.
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NHS apps

22nd September 2017
These apps are great news for doctors and patients alike as they help people take an active role in their own health and wellbeing.
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Talking about mental health with students

19th September 2017
More people are talking about mental health, which is great news for everyone.
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There are 3 new systems to tender for NHS apprenticeships

25th August 2017
The 3 new systems make sure NHS Trusts get the best value for money.
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Why is no one talking about nursing apprenticeships?

1st August 2017
Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has promised 1000s more mental health nurses in the NHS.

How to assess the Care Certificate

28th July 2017
All trainee care workers have to complete the Care Certificate in their induction training.
doctor taking medicine from a phone-shaped cupboard

How to apply for a nursing apprenticeship

21st July 2017
The nursing apprenticeship is designed to give more people the opportunity to become nurses.