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What do parents think about apprenticeships

7th April 2017
There are now a huge range of apprenticeships available in all sectors at all levels – from entry-level courses to degree-level qualifications.
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Elearning around the world

13th February 2017
To celebrate the growth of teaching technologies, we’ve hopped over the equator and travelled down under to find out how different countries are using tech.
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Introduction to higher and degree-level apprenticeships

6th February 2017
If you think apprenticeships are just for school-leavers, it’s time to think again.
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What is a VLE and why do you need one?

11th January 2017
Use a VLE as a virtual classroom – a place where learners can create, upload and share resources.
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How to motivate learners before Christmas

7th December 2016
With Christmas just around the corner, it’s tempting to let your responsibilities fall by the wayside.
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Comparing eportfolios?

17th November 2016
For anyone that is looking for a new eportfolio, comparing all the features and apps can be a challenge. So we’ve made it simple for you.

The benefits of integrating learning systems

9th November 2016
Cast your mind back to when training was delivered on paper.
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How to prepare for Ofsted inspections

4th November 2016
Well, the whole point of Ofsted inspections is that you can’t prepare for them.
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Find the best eportfolio for your centre

25th October 2016
Eportfolios are absolute lifesavers for assessors and apprentices across the country.
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Theresa May announces new plans for grammar schools in England

12th September 2016
What the new policy means for apprenticeships.
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What is an eportfolio?

4th April 2016
With an eportfolio, you can manage all of your training and assessment needs in one paperless system.
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The value of apprenticeships

4th April 2016
Apprenticeships bring value in all kinds of different ways, to different types of people, at all different ages.