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GDPR – how will it affect FE?

28th February 2018
GDPR (general data protection regulation) is a new set of rules introduced in Europe to give people more control over their personal data.
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How will the Baker Clause affect FE?

18th January 2018
Thanks to the Baker Clause, schools must open their doors to FE providers for the first time.
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Legal apprenticeships – the new path into law

9th January 2018
Legal training is changing, and the power is now in employers’ hands.
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What’s the difference between degree apprenticeships and degrees?

20th October 2017
The new apprenticeship alliance: degree apprenticeships mean learners can get the best of university AND apprenticeships.
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OneFile and degree apprenticeships

10th October 2017
Degree apprenticeships mean learners can get the best of university AND apprenticeships.
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Degree apprenticeships: advice for uni faculties

16th August 2017
Degree apprenticeships are considered the gold standard in vocational training.
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7 reasons to use an eportfolio for higher apprenticeships

1st August 2017
Switching from degrees to higher apprenticeships can be a shock to the system.
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Delivering quality degree apprenticeships

19th July 2017
HEIs must work with employers to meet the Quality Code throughout the apprenticeship.

Should employers hire graduates or apprentices?

6th July 2017
For employers, who makes the best members of staff: graduates or apprentices?
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Which is better: university degrees or higher apprenticeships?

21st June 2017
It’s a pretty close race…

How has elearning changed education?

15th June 2017
Technology has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives – and education is no exception.

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What to look for in a great VLE

26th May 2017
The best VLEs offer an all-in-one platform that can be easily adapted to different qualifications and learning styles.
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Degree apprenticeships | Information for universities

24th May 2017
Hundreds of degree apprenticeships are being delivered by institutions across the UK.

What makes a good learning management system (LMS)?

8th May 2017
LMSs come in all shapes and sizes – but finding one that ticks all the boxes for your organisation can be a challenge.

Is virtual reality learning the next big thing?

26th April 2017
Elearning tools have completely revolutionised education, allowing people to learn in their own way, at a distance and in their own time.