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Training Q&A (February 2023)

Q: What is the difference between an Assessment Plan and an Assessment Template?

An assessment template is where you set up for example; knowledge questions, observations, synoptic projects etc. And the Assessment Plan is where you pull all of this together and the learner can see the curriculum of intent over a span of time (e.g., 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks) which can then be sent to your learners. This depends on how you plan as an organization.  

Q: Did you schedule all the reviews? for the whole program?

As reviews differ for each learner, these need to be scheduled on an individual basis – it is not possible therefore to schedule multiple reviews at one time.

Q: How is a face-to-face review different from remote reviews?

It isn't, it is just carried out online and not face-to-face.

Q: Can the signing of reviews be opened so that signatures can be completed in any order?

Unfortunately not, the workflow needs to be Assessor/Tutor, Learner & Employer.

Q: Can you add courses to assessment plan templates?

Courses can be added to Assessment Plan Templates by adding in an Activity Task. This will signpost the learner to complete the Course.

Q: On the review form there is employer feedback and learner feedback? If the employer gives feedback when is this shown on the review? Do I have to wait for the learner to add their feedback and sign it off?

Employer feedback shows straight away once they have filled in the feedback and signed. For everybody to see all parties' feedback the employer signature must be signed.  Employer feedback will only be visible once the Assessor/Tutor, learner and employer has signed the form.

Q: How are short answers marked in quizzes?

There is an algorithm behind it which picks the correct answer. You can set up key words and if these words are mentioned in the answer it will be marked on this.

OneFile : Quiz - Short Answers

Q: I can't see scorecards in my quality section?

Scorecards are part of the Learning Hub feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager who can assist you in getting this enabled.

Q: Do you need to redo a scorecard every time you want the learner to complete; for example at every review?

Yes, if you want to demonstrate the learner is learning and gaining new knowledge throughout their Apprenticeship.

Q: Can you use the learning journal for any evidence tracking and not just OTJ? Is there functional skills criteria on OneFile that learners can link learning journal reflection to and not just app standards?

You can see the learning journal evidence for tracking Off The Job Training, click into the OTJT and see what has been tracked. If you go into the journal, you can then see the full entry. You would need to request functional skills qualifications to be added to your OneFile centre by contacting [email protected].  Please note that linking learning journal entries to KSBs or qualifications does not impact progress.

Q: Can you create a scorecard based on soft skills e.g., confidence, critical thinking etc. and not just standards?

This is not a recommended practice.  Therefore, we suggest you explore the requirement for this further with your Customer Success Manager.

Q: Why is the workflow - tutor, learner, employer? This causes us issues with compliance and would be easier if all could sign at the same time

This is the current workflow. A learner can start the review, but the first signature would be the Assessor/Tutor - OneFile : Allow learners to start their own reviews

Q: Can Assessors create courses?

Yes they can, however they do need to be given the right permissions by your OneFile administrator.  Currently it is set as default for Centre Managers to create courses.

Q: For the Gateway Review - can the review form be signed off (like the TPR) to confirm the learner is ready for EPA?

You can create a Learner Template Form which allows signatures - OneFile : Learner Template Forms

Q: Can you run a report to see course completions?

We manage this in the Course detail area rather than reports.  Go there to see who has completed a course.

Or you would need to use our Data Exports to report on completions.

Q: Can a word document or PowerPoint be added to a course?

Yes, these can be embedded into courses.

Q: Can you quickly review data export reports? How do we do this?

Learn more about data exports here: OneFile : Data export fields