Description of services

This page was last updated on 3rd September 2023

This page is for customers who have a Software as a Service Agreement with us and it describes the services that we provide to you. As a customer, you may or may not be entitled to some of the services on this page. If you would like to check which services are active, or opt out of using certain services, please contact [email protected].

Description of services


This software will enable a person (a “learner”) to create a digital portfolio of evidence to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to meet a vocational competency-based qualification.

Active learners on the software occupy a 'seat'. If a learner leaves or completes their course, the learner can be archived and their seat re-used by another learner without accruing extra cost.

The software will enable the training provider to deliver the qualifications within a quality management system to meet the requirements of external awarding bodies. The full list of awarding bodies who have accredited this software can be found on our website at This list may be amended from time-to-time.


  • Formative and summative assessment of learners’ capability against a framework or another competency-based vocational qualification
  • Ability to set the number of times individual criteria need to be evidenced against a framework or another competency-based vocational qualification
  • Sampling plan and policies for quality assurance of assessment decisions
  • Assessment templates
  • Progress tracking against a framework or another competency-based vocational qualification, with gap analysis display

Assessment Planning

  • Plan assessments and other activities with learners
  • Assessment plan templates


  • Perform a progress review between assessor/tutor and learner
  • Scheduling of review in advance
  • Obtain employer signatures

User management

  • Create and manage learners, assessors, quality assurers, employers and administrators
  • Assign assessors, employers and quality assurers to learners
  • Assign learning aims to learners
  • Bulk import learners

Data hosting is available upon request.

Learning Hub

This software is designed for learners who are working towards a programme of learning, supported by their coach, tutor, and/or line manager. It may be used on its own or in conjunction with the eportfolio to support the on-programme learning of an apprenticeship standard that contains a formal qualification such as a diploma.


  • Record and track the progression of learner against a scale
  • Customise scales

Learning journal

  • Enables the learner to record learning journals, upload photos, documents or videos
  • Allows tutor and employer to add comments
  • Map journals against a curriculum
  • Map journals against planned or adhoc training activities

Course builder

  • Allows tutors to create courses consisting of modules and pages to be assigned to learners as learning resources
  • Pages can contain a variety of resources such as reading material, images, videos
  • Interactive quizzes can be constructed to check the learner’s knowledge
  • Learning outcomes can be mapped to qualifications

User management

  • Create learners, employers, tutors and administrators
  • Assign tutors and employers to learners
  • Assign courses to learners

Data hosting is available upon request.


Pendo is a third-party service provided by Incorporated. In using this service, you give us permission to store some of your Customer Data on their EU-located servers. In particular this relates to the unique identifiers pertaining to Authorised Users that may be stored on Pendo, such as the UserID (OneFile unique identifier of an individual) as they may appear from time to time, and unique resource identifiers (URIs) which are the unique names of web pages on the Internet. We will not intentionally store any other personal information on their servers.

Pendo tracks the activity of users – for example, pages visited and buttons clicked. It builds up a journey that the user travels through when using our software. This information is aggregated with other users’ information so that we can see how our software is being used on a grand scale. It enables us to make better informed decisions about the products and features we build in the future, providing more value to our customers.

Before we track any Authorised User’s activity we will always obtain consent from each individual person. In consideration of this, each person who gives this consent will benefit from helpful on-screen tips and walkthroughs to guide them through using the software and its features. Authorised Users who give consent may also participate in surveys and polls that we produce, to provide us with further insight and feedback.

RPL Funding Calculator

This software is designed for organisations who deliver apprenticeship standards to produce evidence of prior learning through a Skills Assessment and to adjust funding claims accordingly.

The software is charged based on the creation of Skills Assessments, which can be used once per applicant and cannot be re-used.

Funding Calculator

  • Team members can set the baseline costs, duration and visits for an apprenticeship standard 
  • Create a formula for reducing the baseline figures to recognise prior learning 
  • Automatically adjusts the funding, duration and visits for an applicant based on the set calculations for the corresponding apprenticeship standard 
  • Team members can review the recommended adjustments for the funding, duration and visits of the apprenticeship for individual applicants 

Skills Assessment 

  • Allows applicants to score their prior learning for an apprenticeship standard 
  • Applicants can upload attachments to evidence prior learning  
  • Team members can comment on and resend skills assessments
  • Team members can complete an application, recording it as successful or successful 

User Management 

  • Create tutors, finance administrators and applicant learners 
  • Assign tutors and employers to applicant learners 
  • Assign skills assessments to applicant learners 


This software is designed for training providers that deliver all types of qualifications to carry out their enrolment process to enable an applicant learner to begin their learning journey.

The software is charged based on applicant learners opening a form sent to them by email for completion by the organisation.

Form Builder

  • Training providers can create a form to send to applicant learners and employers to collect data and sign

Manage and Review Forms

  • Training providers can view, edit and delete their published forms
  • Training providers can view the status of forms sent to applicant learners and employers
  • Training providers can approve forms sent by applicant learners and employers
  • Employers can view the status of forms for applicant learners who are assigned to them

Employer Records

  • Training providers can add, edit and delete employers
  • Training providers can assign applicant learners to employers

Learner Records

  • Training providers can add, edit and delete applicant learners
  • Training providers can send published forms to applicant learners and view the status of forms
  • Training providers can transfer completed applicant learners to OneFile’s Eportfolio and ILR
  • Training providers can export the learner record by CSV or XML


This software will enable the training provider to manage an on-going collection of data about learners and the learning undertaken by them. 

The software works with apprenticeships and meets the requirements of the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). 

The software is charged based on the number of ‘seats’ required per annum. When a learner record has been submitted to the ESFA, a seat is occupied. When a learner has completed or withdrawn from their learning they can be archived, and the seat can be made available to another learner.  

 Key functionality includes: 


  • Creating team members to manage learner records and export data 
  • Viewing how many seats are available 


  • Creating new and updating existing learner records  
  • Importing learner record XML files from third-party ILR software 
  • Integration with OneFile Enrol to import enrolment data


  • Marking learner records as ‘ready’ so that they will be included in the next report that’s sent to the ESFA 
  • Downloading an XML file of all the learner records that are marked as ready so that it can be uploaded into the ESFA portal 

Version 2.5
Last reviewed: 3rd September 2023