West Suffolk college

West Suffolk college

For a long time, we searched to find an eportfolio that was more than just a repository or a tracking system. We started with OneFile in 2011 and use it for all of our apprenticeship provision, we also have recently started using this for our ILM management programmes."

The system is a fantastic management tool for assessors, employers and managers.

"OneFile makes learning programmes transparent and you can clearly see at a glance what progress a learner is making and what interventions have been put in place where they are behind. The biggest bonus for us is the massive reduction in paper use - no more heavy portfolios! As well as the improvements to our retention and achievement rates.

"OneFile was part of our recent Ofsted short inspection and was interrogated for evidence of learner progress and target setting, as well providing evidence of learners working on Math’s and English at a higher level than their achievement."

Invaluable support

"In terms of support, reporting is invaluable and there has been a marked improvement in the quality of our provision. We probably spend more time with learners because of Onefile but this has meant that our more of our learners are achieving and in a timely manner.

"Support is excellent - all questions are answered promptly but the biggest positive are the regular improvements that are made that enhance the use for all users. We have already recommended OneFile to British Racing School and City College Norwich.

"If you’re considering eportfolio, make the move! It’s a short term pain for a long term gain."

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