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"We would recommend OneFile as a much more efficient way to collect and store evidence for any portfolio."
Around 2011 we started to look for an eportfolio system, taking into consideration price, reputation, recommendations and other key factors. We felt that OneFile was the best deal all round, especially with the layout being so user friendly. Now, 5 years later, we are using OneFile for Customer Service, Business Admin, IT and Teaching assistance.


“The flexibility that we have when building our ILP is great, as Ofsted continue to change their priorities and this is one thing we can add to, in order to meet them. The journal is a fantastic way to capture any IAG we deliver and this can also be attached on the ILP.

"We really like how you can create the knowledge questions into a form, so the learners can directly answer them in the boxes. This is more efficient and you can give specific feedback underneath each answer.”

Helping with Ofsted

“During our recent Ofsted inspection, OneFile really helped as everything relating to any of our learner’s apprenticeships, was located on OneFile so we had instant access and knew where everything was.”

Savings and quality

"If we look at the investment we made in the software, it has helped us save money in the long run. This is due to resources, stationery and admin that we now make savings on. We find that it supports quality provision more so than anything, as everything is in one place, and we can create new forms that supports learning and IAG."

We recommend OneFile!

“It was important that we were supported, and with OneFile this is very good, they ease your mind whenever you have an issue or a query. The support team are always on hand, they’re absolutely fantastic and very efficient.

"We would recommend OneFile as a much more efficient way to collect and store evidence for any portfolio. This is also a very good way to evidence your own working practices, which captures everything for Ofsted and any other professional body you work with.”

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