Uxbridge College

Uxbridge College

It became clear very early in our Ofsted monitoring visit that the inspectors would expect to see an eportfolio for our apprenticeship provision, and predicted grades would be available to see at learner level. It was also apparent that the inspectors themselves were fairly well versed and familiar with OneFile. They spent a lot of time with individual students going through their OneFile accounts, and were pleased to see the early adoption of the scorecard. They were also impressed with being able to see marked work and progress reviews. Our learners were confident in talking them through their evidence, too.

As a college, aside from the obvious benefits to the learners, the transparency of OneFile proved its worth - we were able to access additional evidence for the inspectors on demand, and the development we are undergoing with this really demonstrated our own grasp of the expectations of new standards.

For us, it reinforced the place and the value of using an eportfolio, and OneFile in particular - it is imperative we continue on this journey towards using it to its full capability.


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